When I watched an abortion for the first time, my reaction surprised me. NEWSWEEK

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Suction machines sucking out human lives with only a mere rumble. We are truly living a scientific horror story.

Perhaps she should have had the chance to witness a later term abortion. Or perhaps, maybe she should follow these women she interviewed at the clinic, a year later. See how these women feel after it all comes crashing down on them–after the nightmares, the grief, the realization of what they had done, the sorrow and inability to forgive themselves, the constant second guessing, the constant “what if’s” that never, ever go away.
Maybe the doctor should have let this journalist see inside the contents of the suction canister, see the remains. See the reality of it. She stood behind a window, and never came close to the truth of abortion.
Until she really investigates all of this, I question her journalistic capabilities.

a simple and common procedure - she seems to equate it with having your wisdom teeth removed.

why would anyone protest outside a cancer clinic? - they are trying to prolong lives - not destroy them.

too bad she didn’t sit in on one of the late term abortions. the doctor probably would not have allowed it.

it seemed her reaction bothered her.

I believe the author should follow-up with the mother who sucked her child into a bottle that day—how about a year-ten-twenty down the road?

Almost every woman I have had as a friend (as an adult) has had an abortion. They’re all messed up. 2 are sterile. 1 had to have a hysterectomy because the abortionist perforated her uterus. The other was pregnant with twins, and only 1 was aborted. The other child died. She too had to have a hysterectomy.

One of my friends had 3 abortions. Another 2.

Another killed herself 2 years ago right before Christmas. Went to the barn, covered herself in tarps and shot herself in the head. 30 years after her abortion. While her husband and 2 teenage daughters were in the house.

Abortion hurts women.

+Peace Be With You.

Great follow up posts guys - you all said better than I could, all I can do is shake my head.

I agree with how Fr.Pavone from Priests for Life puts it. Medical procedures are meant to heal something that is diseased. Abortion is not a procedure because it cures nothing…Pregnancy and child birth is very normal and natural and nothing about it is diseased that needs fixing. So abortion cures nothing…it destroys life and is murder. Two people entire an abortuary and only one leaves. More reasons to pray.

From the article (emphasis mine):

Carhart used a suction tube to empty the contents of the uterus; it took no longer than three minutes.

Language matters. It was a baby, not “contents of the uterus.” :(:mad:

Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis.

Kyrie eleison.

:heart: Love is Patient

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