When is a priest on duty?

When is a priest, “on or off duty”? Like do they have office times when they work or are they on the clock every second after being ordained?

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Think you all in advance!

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They are never ‘off duty’ in the layman’s terms, but they do get ‘time off’ occasionally for rest and vacations, illness or even family matters, at times. Just as a good parent, they will aid those in need at the time. “once a priest, always a priest…” Someone will present a better explanation, but I am kind of simple minded. Peace.


The church office has set office times for Church business but most parish priests are really never off duty. They could get a call in the middle of the night to administer last rights and they go. They get calls to anoint and administer last rights all the time and they go. they hear confessions any time needed and they are not already scheduled for something. Yes they have scheduled events and things to do but really you call and if they can they come or allow you to go and talk to them


No you are not ,:hugs:,Now there are a few who fit that description :upside_down_face: God bless::butterfly::butterfly:


Priests are on duty 24/7. By that I mean, I have seen priests stop at auto accidents that looked pretty bad, Most priest wear their collars [ which they should ] and people sometimes seize the moment to talk to him or ask for confession. Yes, they go on vacation which I am sure is much needed .They many calls to go to a hospital etc…I thank God for these priest for being there. God bless you:::butterfly::butterfly:

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“Monday is a priest’s weekend” is what a pastor told us one Sunday, referring to complaints that there was no Mass on Mondays in his parish. (However, other nearby parishes still had Masses seven days a week.)

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