When is an atheist a Christian?


you missed the point. this supposedly atheist made a statement. no one is speaking for him.

are you saying i don’t need faith just catholic doctrine?

you are assuming

so we don’t have to believe in God because we don’t like the hand we have been dealt?


Essentially how we behave is utterly irrelevant, all that matters is being sufficiently sycophantic. This poses well for your deity for being a God of Law, but annihilates any idea of him being just, loving or unselfish or having anything to do with the latter three virtues.


As sycopancy is observed through behavior, I’m not sure what you posted here made a lot of sense.


Yes. We are made in His image. Being just, loving and unselfish is being of God. Those who are not are not of God.


They are being ironic. See my post.


No. I’m saying you need faith sufficient to act. As to whether it is sufficiently refined toward Catholic norms to obtain heaven, I don’t make that call.

No, we are judged for what we are culpable. If the British atheist has had more obstacles in their life that frustrates belief in God than you have, they will be judged in light of that fact.

Believe it or not, our God’s justice and wrath is matched by his mercy and love.


i think you are confusing agnostic (weak atheist) with atheist (strong). it is a matter of definition. i refer to strong atheist.

it doesn’t matter what law they follow as it doesn’t matter what my experience is. i believe in Jesus and that’s all you need to know.

he claims by his own words that he doesn’t believe. it doesn’t matter if he follows all catholic rules exactly. without faith in Jesus it is worthless.


God judges people by their thoughts too, he can tell if they sufficiently adore him and will cast them down if found wanting. More than actions, thoughts can damn you as well.

I’m suprised you still hold this position after your Catholic breatheren have just demonstrated it’s irrelevant if an Athiest helps do good in the world, in fact St Augustine as quoted above describes even good actions by non-Christians as “glittering sins”.

“Good” in this context as living to serve others has nothing to do with being Good in Catholicism, you can be a pedophile and provided you believe in the divinity of Christ and obtained confession before death you shall be a saint wheras someone such as say…Ghandi will be burning for all eternity.

Basically all good is being nice about Jesus, nothing else. Feel free to kill or steal from as many people as you like provided you say sorry to him afterwards.


I’m with you.

Good is good whoever does it.
Bad is bad whoever does it.


I don’t think that’s true. The man that thought about killing his neighbor is guilty of sin just like the man that actually does it; but the magnitude is nowhere near the same.

And while sin can certainly “damn you”, you need to qualify that with “unrepentant sin”. You have to do wrong and not be sorry for it.

Makes it sound a little more just, no?


So tell us about your experience with Jesus and/or God. and/or The Holy Spirit.


Does Jesus himself not say that merely looking at a woman you have not been married to is guilty of having committed adultery in the heart? It doesn’t matter if they engage in sexual acts or not, merely finding her attractive is sufficient to commit mortal sin in this instance according to the very red letter text.
It does not sound as if magnitude is something held in much consideration at all.

Have you ever said sorry to Odin because you doubted in him? This is the equivalent for what you’re suggesting here of everyone else.

Not really, as much of a egotist Trump is (and better than Hillary) he’s technically better in this instance. I’m not aware of Trump threatening to roast people for all time for not thinking he’s the best thing ever. Jesus however insists we not only state but constantly think he is or consequences will be suffered.


so we can deny God based on our circumstances? i believe x is a hardship therefore i don’t have to do it and God will understand and relieve me of the obligation to follow his rule?

i don’t buy it. he claimed no belief. if he can be saved, we don’t need a savior.


Get the message. He’s on our side. He is being flippant.

For some reason he is angry but he is intelligent and knows his stuff. See him from the other side… Put yourself in his shoes: angry, anti-religion, antagonistic. A bit like Dan who lost his baby.

Then you will see him for him.


it would be nice if this were true but as you said.


God accepts apologies for fear of hell rather than actual contrition. This is a teaching of the Catholic church that imperfect contrition is valid for absolution of mortal sins.

Ergo, I can kill you for your wallet. Provided I apologize out of fear of hell rather than being sorry for having hurt you, that’s all okay.


i can agree with the statement as it pertains to this world.

but neither without belief in God will get you to heaven

even the thief on the cross was forgiven once he believed.


you have an agenda and it is not pertinent to this thread.

in today’s world no one should be putting personal info online.


You have faith but I don’t believe you believe. You won’t admit your experience or lack of experience with God.
Blind faith, historically, always leads to confusion.


and you are allowed to have that opinion.

God bless

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