When is homestar runner coming back?

They haven't updated the site in months, and the rss feed hasn't been updated since april. They still have the quote of the week from LAST halloween. I need my halloween cartoon and fan costume commentary!


The creators announced the birth of another child, so it might be a while. Only three updates to the site since Nov. 2009. Understandable, just wish they would give more updates on the future!

One of the brothers is working on a film by the Jim Henson company (I believe) called Monster Safari. This may also be causing the long delay.

Many fans are just upset that there has been no word on the website or explanation for the long delay.

It's a good way to cultivate the virtue of patience.

Also, there's a new PC game coming out called Poker at the Inventory that features many miscellaneous characters including Strong Bad.

Teen girl squad!

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