When is Jesus's second coming?


I know that only the heavenly father knows the time.
But I can’t wait for it to happen! Cant wait to live a life where there’s no sin no suffering no death .Am I the only one thinking like this?!?
Well .I just wish it would happen soon but on the same hand I do feel that it’s going to take a LOT of time ! (Sad)
Whats your view on this ?


I you look for him, you will see him


You’ll see it when you’re resurrected, but it probably won’t happen in our lifetimes. Sorry!


I look at it more in terms of Jesus coming to me personally in my heart and in my life.


But it’s said in revelation that a new earth will be created and we all will be resurrected .
So how many people would be there on that earth…I can’t picture how it would be🙄 its really hard to understand .


The Son of Man could be here already and you just don’t recognise him. He might have fulfilled the prophecies but not as anticipated. He might be online somewhere on the computer clouds with data as electrical impulses flashing from East to West. He might still be growing his ‘leaves’ like the fig tree before he bears fruit.

He could even be here posting, gauging the ‘Bride’, invisible to all. Jesus wasn’t recognised in Nazareth for 30 years.

Who knows?


Well the second coming is after the world ends …and the world hasn’t ended yet neither has a new earth been created where there is no sin death or suffering .so that means he hasn’t come yet


Well, that is the literal interpretation. Is that the official Catholic interpretation?


Just a few days ago my wife was talking to a female relative, who told her – in the course of conversation – that she is praying for the Second Coming to occur in her lifetime. She is 79 now.


Well, we’d better be in store for some drastic action over the next couple of years!

Either that, or she’ll have a very long life.


Well I guess it is…I have heard priests talk about it. All of them were talking about it as if it’s sure to happen as god’s words never fail .


Hope her prayer comes true :grin:That way it would happen in my life time too…which would mean that there won’t be anymore suffering :heart_eyes:
But it’s also said that there should be like war and men. Being again each other and all…well thats already going on…but the world end itself would be scary :roll_eyes:


Yep, God’s words never fail. But bear in mind the Alpha Omega has a double-edged sword protruding from his mouth. Only if you directly face him, you will see both edges. At even the slightest angle, you will only see one edge and not the other and think there is only one edge.


Woah…what does that mean ? :roll_eyes:
Sounds scary


Don’t worry about it being in your lifetime, even if it isn’t, when you die you enter in the Eternal state of things (there is no time and no space) so the Apocalypse, the Final Judgement, the Resurrection of the Saints and the creation of New Jerusalem (Heaven merged with this Universe) will all happen “simultaneosly” (not exactly simultaneously, as there will be not time, but it’s the best expression to describe it).


According to Revelations, it occurs some time after Jesus defeats the Antichrist and the False Prophet. But some people mention that the Antichrist isn’t going to be coming any time soon, so I suppose the second coming won’t be any time soon either; not during our lifetimes at least. But hey, I could be wrong.


:grimacing: I wonder what we all would be doing after death…like for eternity we will have to do whatever we will be doing …right? There won’t be any end to it…so if we like it or not it just goes on!
I don’t know if it’s just me but all that has me pretty stressed :joy:


It means that there’s a good chance the prophecies won’t complete as expected, but they will still fit the description 100% so that God’s words don’t fail.


I always hope and pray it happens right after I’ve gone to Confession!


Yea… In that way we would get a seat in the new earth without much trouble right :sweat_smile:

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