When is losing time a sin?

i have been lately with this problem, i feel like if i have to do something(school work usually) i have to be doing it without any interruption that i can avoid but i feel like I’m overreacting and that there is a limit where it begins being sinful.

so i would like to ask you how would you judge when it is sinful to get distracted while working or something, some rule of thumb or advices would be nice.

Getting distracted is pretty normal for young people. I see no sin in it. I do see a failure to complete responsibilities that may be wrong and lead to serious consequences to your career.

What makes you think this is something sinful?

When you get paid to do something yet allow yourself to get willfully distracted during your work for a good amount of time, then sin is involved. When you assist at holy Mass with willful distractions, then sin is involved. When you get willfully distracted while doing your homework, then I don’t think that sin is involved, unless maybe, of course, when your getting willfully distracted for a while will cost somebody something big. God bless you.

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