When is near occasion of sin, sinful?


If I get rid of something that could lead me to sin, do I commit a sin by going near it? Please pray for me.


If you unnecessarily put yourself in a situation that will tempt you to sin, that is an issue. If you find yourself in a situation inadvertently or if such a situation is unavoidable then that is another story. The best advice I have is to plan in advance what your course of action will be in those cases so you aren’t caught completely off guard.


Are you afraid that you’ll sin by getting rid of something that may leads you to sin (since you can’t get rid of it without going near it)? That kind of contradiction can only come from the devil. Just throw it out already.


If you know that the sin doesn’t come normally (originate) with you, but you find yourself committing (or being tempted) to sin when you are in certain situations, then you can be pretty sure that the situation will likely cause you to sin (obviously).

I think you can discern as to whether you will be without sin if you are estranged from that occasion/situation. If the occasion involves other people and their influence, then you can realise that it is that which is tempting you to sin. It could be a temptation arising from yourself reacting to the situation, or it could be a form of manipulation from others external to you.

Now, you want to be in control of your life and not allow yourself to be manipulated by either people or circumstances. If it is not something you would choose by yourself, then don’t allow yourself to get ‘sucked in’ by other people or environments! ie. avoid the near occasion of sin - obviously.


If you get a coherent and sensible answer, please let me know. In the past I have asked this question several times and never gotten an answer that I could understand and apply to determine whether there is sin.


Have you read Romans 14? I encourage you to find peace in His Word.

Anything you do that is not based upon faith, and thereby a desire to bow you knee to the Father and His Son, is sin. Anything that is based in faith, and the obedience that it gives birth to, is therefore not sin.

The object is not the source of the sin. Sin, according to Jesus, doesn’t come from what goes into us but from within us. That being said, it is not the object that leads you to sin. The object is a TOOL for releasing the sinful desire that is pent up in your heart.

You must face the reality that while you are frustrated with the sin, the confusion does not come from God. God is not the author of confusion. He created you of a Spirit of faith, sound mind, and love.

Clear you mind, examine your heart, and realize that the reason this object leads you to sin, is because the sin still has a foothold in your heart. I remember a story of two priests on horseback, one old and one young. They came upon a river and a young woman had been bathing there. The river had risen with the rain and she could not make it back to the other side to get her clothes. The old priest helped her onto his horse, and crossed the river with her, then went on his way. Later, the young priest asked him how he could possibly help such a woman and not be tempted with sinful thoughts. The old man simply replied with “I left the young woman back at the river.”

The moral of the story is the young man was obsessed with the object, because he still had lust in his heart. The old man, by virtue of chastity, grace, and old age, did not suffer said affliction and simply showed the love of Christ to a desperate sister.

The object isn’t your problem, it’s the lack of true contrition in your heart. When you are so done with a sin that the very thought of committing it again brings upon you a vomit feeling, you will know that you have been purified within my God’s grace. You are truly “done” with the sin. This comes through confession, prayer, and facing the fact that you are disobeying and hurting God and yourself. Until you can be more sorry, contrite, that you hurt God than God catches you, then you will not be truly free from the sin.

I doubt you’re in the following situation, but it’s worth mentioning:

If you are finding that you have no guilt, that is a greater issue. Scripture states that through the exposure to deceiving spirits and doctrines of wickedness (I.E. gnosticism, witchcraft, etc…) some people have their conscience seared as with a hot iron. Only divine Grace from God can heal such a calamity, and I would seek a spiritual leader to pray for you to receive such forgiveness and healing if you find yourself in that situation.

I shall pray for your freedom.


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