When is someone going to start a conservative, yet colorful and stylish clothing line for women?

I’m tired of the drug-induced look of female models wearing eye black with half-opened eyes (as if they’re stoned) modeling woodstock-style clothing. Is there no company who can do better than this??? Seems like it should be easy. Let’s be alternative enough to open our minds wide enough not to follow the more disrespectful, unflattering fads.

I’ve been trying to find a navy colored blazer and skirt for my wife. My wife would look absolutely smoking, yet professional, in heels and a frilly shirt. She’s been looking but can’t find this outfit anywhere in the department stores. I’m wondering if it’s a conspiracy.
Does anyone else have these concerns? Or am I one of the only guys remaining who think women can look successful yet smokin at the same time?

Try Soft Surroundings.

Seriously? You can’t find a women’s skirt suit?

You said you were looking at department stores so here’s something a little higher end:


Jacob, though not necessarily shown on the website, also has similar stuff at a reasonable price:


And I totally agree with you. I think one of the most striking outfits a woman can wear is a pencil skirt, blouse, blazer and heels.

For stylish but conservative clothes including many pretty dresses and skirts I would suggest you look online at Boden.

It’s called Mikarose, Shabby Apple, Metrostyle, and Chadwick’s.

Problem: modest clothing is often very expensive. I don’t know how that works, because modest clothing is often not “high fashion” clothing or designer label clothing.

I don’t know if increasing the demand of modest clothing would eventually decrease the cost, but clearly there is a supply. I personally didn’t know much about modest clothing until I saw RedSoxWife’s blog where she referenced some sites, and also from other fashion blogs that people posted.

But yes I agree, in addition these clothes need to be modeled in a modest way using models that represent all sizes and shapes of women.

As a model I can tell you we have that “drugged induced” look, as you say, because we have to remain neurtal so people can focus on the clothes. Less focus on us, more focus on the clothes. That being said, try Nordstroms or Dillards.

Thanks for looking for me. My wife discovered that her skin tone is such that black is not her color. She puts on black, then navy, and there was a substantial difference. The blazers from Ann Taylor were all black with the exception of one “dark” navy. I’ve never heard of dark navy. She looks great in just plain navy, but I can’t seem to find an obviously navy blazer. Personally, I think the navy is more romantic. Black is edgier, but we have enough edginess in the culture, too much imo.

when we get together, pool our talents, and design, produce and market our own fashions.

was in Walmart yesterday and the missy section has the stylish clothes and professional work wear, the buyers for the women’s size section must assume all fat women spend their time in sweats in front of the TV and never leave the house

I buy almost everything on line, but also the place to find the color that is not featured in stores this year might be the factory outlets, since the less popular colors end up there.
Brown used to be the new black, now black is the new brown, and grey is the new navy

Kewl. I found one blue blazer at Boden, but it has a pink polka dotted lining for rolling the sleeves, so it looks to be more casual from what I can decipher. Knowing her, she’ll want a more formal one, but thanks for the tip. I really like those clothes. My personal favorite for manly man clothes is The Territory Ahead. They have a women’s line, but again, no blue blazer. Strange imo.

These are some ideas:




Thanks for the links. 7 pages of blazers, but no navy. Seems odd.

The part in red is what I mean. The overhead costs should be lower, not higher. Is it a higher tax on conservatism? Maybe that’s what we get when there’s too much inbreeding /a union of similar fixed mindsets in the industry. I guess conservative elegance and family values are not “politically correct” enough for their tastes. Just look at the 14 year old cleavage being displayed on the “alleged” children’s tv networks. It’s easy to see in which direction they’re pushing the agenda. And people actually expect things will improve when they’re pushing young people in this direction? Seriously? :confused:

My mom was a seamstress, a blazer or suit requires more work than say a v necked sleeveless dress. A manufacturer can crank out a lot more of those dresses (as my mom would describe it, they were easy to sew, just 2 seams, straight up on a sewing machine) than a well constructed suit or blazer.

My Aunt in Italy was a trained seamstress for men’s suits. It would take her a while to finish one, between cutting and assembling.

Unfortunately, going to a private tailor these days is a luxury.

How is the “drug induced” look a neutral one? Imo, no makeup would be neutral. Adding eye black and dazing is not neutral. It screams “I’m stoned, let’s Reduce ourselves to act on our basest instincts rather than concern ourselves with True love and temperance.” There’s an intentional agenda attached here that is designed to turn men into simpletons who mostly want sex. How does that help you stay in love? It doesn’t. It has the exact opposite effect. The weak man who mostly wants sex eventually gets bored of a thin relationship, then leaves. Ultimately, women will pay the price in the cost of broken True love relationships. By buying into this, too many ladies are funding their own future sadness.

I meant lower overhead from the standpoint of paying an expensive designer to create something new, the promotion of it, and high end models. Just a simple navy or blue business blazer and a tube skirt.

Navy is a spring/summer color. Wait until the spring and summer lines come out and you will be able to find navy skirts, blazers, pants, etc. Navy is typically hard to find in fall/winter.

Places to find women’s clothing:

Coldwater Creek
Liz Claiborne at JC Penney
Ann Taylor
Lord & Taylor

Watch out for Chadwick’s sizes. They tend to be off on their shirts and dresses. They tend to be smaller in the bust and shoulder area than what they should be.

Hi there…

I LOVE cabionline.com I live near an outlet, but you can always have your wife throw a party. The more her friends buy the more FREE items she gets.

I don’t see a navy blazer in their spring line… (I would think that comes in fall/winter, not spring… being dark)

ALSO, you should make friends with the personal shoppers at Nordstroms, Macy’s and such. Once they know your wife’s size, tastes and budget they will call you regularly with items to fill her closet. You DON’T need to spend tons of $$ for this service at all. I have friends that will ONLY buy when items are on sale. It’s kind of cool to get a call at work… “hey, you know that outfit that was $300.00, It’s down to $100.00, I’ve set your size aside, when can you get here…”

Understand that this isnt directed at you but at the industry:

“drugged incduced” looks do exactly the opposite of what you have stated. if models had normal expressions in almost a “just say cheese” manner then no one would pay attention. But most people are distracted by someone trying to look “drugged” or tired or sexy or scary. But then where would the mystique go, the idea that if you bought this you could be sexy, scary, drugged, or different too. You too could have the attitude of the “high fashion” world if only you bought this product. You too could be cool. It is as elemantary schoolyard as that, and we all fall for it.

I would expect to find a navy blazer at www.landsend.com.

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