When is the Alleluia sung after the Gospel proclamation?


Most of the time at our parish, the Alleluia is sung only before the Gospel. Sometimes it's also sung after really briefly. Are there only specific feasts or something when this is done?


I have seen this done on particularly solemn occasions in my visiting parish. I cannot find any provision for it in the GIRM. I must confess that I believe it is an innovation that is not normally permitted. I’ll welcome anyone to prove me wrong.


There is no provision in the GIRM for the Gospel acclamation to be sung after the reading of the Gospel. However, if the Gospel procession is lengthy or held at the foot of the sanctuary, an instrumental organ accompaniment is sometimes played until the members of the procession return to their places. The alleluia, however, should not be sung again.


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I have seen this done on particularly solemn occasions in my visiting parish.


I also presumed it was for the most solemn Masses too, yet my parish didn't do it for the Christmas Midnight Mass last week.

I think we did it for the Easter Vigil when they processed the Gospels Book back to the Bishop so he could bless us with it, but in that case perhaps it was only to serve as a filler for when they do need to process the Book back.

I don't remember if it's also done for the Easter Vigil for when the Bishop isn't there. I guess I'll have to wait till Easter this year to see, because the Bishop won't be doing Mass there this year.


We sing the Alleluia after the Gospel between Easter Sunday and Pentecost…the Easter Season (to the best of my recollection):wink:


Since the ritual does not call for music nor a reprisal of the Alleluia after the Gospel, it is technically wrong to include (rule #1: don’t add or subtract from the ritual).

However, it’s not like a sacrilege. And for cathedral liturgies, it serves the purpose of stopping people from sitting immediately after saying “Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ” because they’re supposed to remain standing for the Book of the Gospels to be brought to the bishop who reverences it with a kiss and then blesses the congregation with it. So, for that purpose, as a pastoral and pragmatic cue, I’ll allow it.* :smiley:

*Since, apparently, several bishops I’ve seen also allow it.


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