When is the feast of the finding in the temple?

When is the feast of the finding in the temple in the calendar? I can’t find it. If there is no feast then when does the mass readings correspond to it?

In the USA, the Memorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary was this past November 21. Reference usccb.org/bible/readings/112113.cfm

I think it is also Nov 21 in Canada based on cccb.ca/site/eng/media-room/announcements/3740-2013-day-for-the-contemplative-life


It’s the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in Year C.


Don’t know. Haven’t found it yet!:smiley:

This is a very timely topic. The Bishops are asking feedback from the people about
marriage and the Family and this Fifth Mystery of the Holy Rosary has a lot more to it than
one might think at first. When Mary and Joseph find him . He asks them “How is it that you sought me sorrowing?” (emphasis on the sorrowing]- Didn’t you know I had to be doing
my Father’s Work? Even Mary found this somewhat mysterious and kept it in her heart
to reflect on its deeper meaning. But here’s the thing: Jesus then went back home with them and remained there for eighteen years! and After he had announced he had to be doing His Father’s Work - it means He was working all that time on the Family!
But this wasn’t the idealized Holy Family we so often see pictured. Scripture
very clearly tells us Jesus was known to have brothers and sisters. This in no way should
be seen as a problem for Mary’s Virginity. Can you imagine that in a time when so many
young parents died early - that Mary and Joseph wouldn’t have taken in orphans?. There are
several ways it could have been- but we can take the Gospel account as stated. Jesus grew
up with siblings. So we know he experienced the rough and tumble of most families.
Jesus was like us in all things except sin!

That is not true. Jesus had no biological siblings if that is what you are implying. That would be a heresy because the Church teaches Mary was a perpetual virgin.


Most Protestants teach that Mary was a virgin only until she gave birth to Jesus. As you say heresy.

It is December 29 in 2013


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