When is the Gloria first resumed?

My memory tells me that the first time we sing the Gloria after Lent has always been at the Easter Vigil Mass, with the bells ringing throughout.

This year the Gloria was sung at the Maundy Thursday Mass.

(We didn’t have any bells during the Gloria at the Easter Vigil which was a bit of a disappointment for me.)

Is that just my faulty memory – is the Gloria always sung for the Mass of the Last Supper?:confused:

The Gloria resumes on Holy Thursday. It is sung both at the Chrism Mass and the Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper. During the Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper at the Gloria; however, the bells are rung according to local custom, and then they remain silent until the Gloria at the Easter Vigil.

The Church’s authoritative document, Paschalis Solemnitatis, gives a directive on this:

  1. During the singing of the hymn “Gloria in excelsis” in accordance with local custom, the bells may be rung, and should thereafter remain silent until the “Gloria in excelsis” of the Easter Vigil, unless the Conference of Bishops’ or the local Ordinary, for a suitable reason, has decided otherwise.[56] During this same period the organ and other musical instruments may be used only for the purpose of supporting the singing.[57]

The gloria is sung at the Mass of the Lord’s supper, and the chrism Mass, then again at the easter vigil.

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