When is the ideal age for faith formation - within the educational context


This question has remained unanswered, for me, since i have started to seriously ponder it. When does the most faith formation occur (any religious scholars, or psychologists, etc… your input is appreciated). I have been considering teaching religion for a long time and I can not answer this question myself. Does the most formation occur with the age group of grades 4-8, or 9-12 (high school)?!


**I think it’s personal, really. Doesn’t God’s grace have something to do with it? **

God can pull you towards Him whenever He wills it, whenever He wants. Of course you know this (since you want to be a religious education teacher).

My faith forms whenever I read a good book - say by the well known apologist Scott Hahn.

[SIGN]Good luck with the teaching and all![/SIGN]
[SIGN]Cooperate if that’s where God’s pulling you![/SIGN]


Faith formation should be started as early as possible. The younger the child when this is started, the easier it will be in later years.


That was my initial reasoning as well… but then my mind started to pipe up, “yes, but you can dive more deeply into the faith with the older ages - and thus its more serious topics”


Personally, my children, 7-8 years old.

For me, it was in the late 40’s.

And the Holy Spirit.


For many it occurs when they hold thier first child in their arms and say “God help me!”


The ideal age for faith formation is every age and any age. Now is the ideal age.


Your question got me to wondering if the faith formation you’re referring to is CORRECT faith formation - according to the Roman Catholic magisterium - or just some kind of faith formation, with a spin on it, like I’m afraid I got while growing up in the '70’s and 80’s. I didn’t really start to understand my faith until two years ago, and I still have far to go.

My two cents is correct faith formation while still in the womb and then embellishing and deepening it until one’s death.

Thanks for listening to my opinion and for your question. I hope you resolve your quandary.

Many blessings.


I’m sure the OP meant correct faith formation. :thumbsup:


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