When is trying to make money working for mammon?


I am struggling to understand if I want to pay off my house, be in a position to live a comfortable life when does having to work and wanting to improve the standards become worship of the false god mammon? If I work in a ‘ministry’ a company that is willing to pay its profits to further the work of Christ, yet still want to make money, is this justified?


Dear Mathew,

Working for mammon consists of not putting God first. Putting God first does not mean that one cannot work to make a profit. It means that such a profit is subject to one’s full allegiance to God. St. Thomas More was Chancellor of England. He had a private zoo and all kinds of perks from his employment. But God always came first for him. When he had to make the choice between his wealth and God, he did what he was accustomed to doing. He chose God first.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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