When Jesus lived. was He happy?


did He know He was going to be tortured and die?

i think He did. so i think about life knowing this. did He have good times? like the wedding where He makes water to wine. did He have fun at the wedding? did He sit at night with the stars and know peace? were the Apostles His friends?

i think i want this for Jesus.

a friend tells me to imagine that i am with Jesus when He is alive. tell Him things like i am sitting next to Him. do you think people did this with Him?


Jesus was fully human as well as fully divine, and joy and happiness are part of humanity just as much as pain and suffering. I think Jesus lived fully, with great joy and love and peace in His heart, and was probably even more joyful than we are because He was filled with the grace of God and not seperated from His Father by sin. I believe He lived the joy and peace that God wants for all of us.

I like your friend’s idea of imagining being with Jesus. I might try that next time I read through the Gospels - imagining I’m walking beside Him, talking and asking questions of Him as He does His Father’s work.

I am sure people did this - we can see the disciples asking many questions. I’m sure they had many conversations about everyday matters that weren’t recorded. And Christ became friends with Mary, Martha, and Lazurus - the actual friendships weren’t recorded, but I bet they looked a lot like our own everyday friendships.


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