When Jesus was on earth, was he operating as a MAN, tapping into the power of God?

This is what a Deacon has stated twice in two weeks. It sounds wrong, as though Jesus completely suspended his divinity while on earth, and prayed for God to work miracles through him. (I think the Deacon is getting at the idea that WE, as men, with the right faith and by opening ourselves to the Holy Spirit, can perform miracles “greater than” as Jesus said before his Ascension).

Dear friend,

I agree; that statement can be misleading. Jesus always had a divine nature and a human nature during His time on earth. He worked His miracles by His OWN power. While in His human nature, He often deferred to the Father, He always had divine power.

If He should will it, we can work miracles in His name. St. Dominic brought a person back to life once. But such is accomplished only with the Lord’s power; not our own.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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