When kangaroos attack but you must save your beer



I would Always carry a knife.


I’m starting to think kangaroos are in that same category as dolphins. Everyone loves them as kids, but as you grow up and realize what they’re actually like, you start looking for new favorite animals.

Edit: That said, my favorite animal as a kid was the cheetah. They’re still a favorite of mine.


I once bought a cute little bunny rabbit, as I held it lovingly in my hand it sunk its two front teeth into the base of my thumb and wouldn’t let go!

Sweet little thumper? Hmmm🤨


I similarly found out the hard way that hamsters often aren’t that nice. Granted, the two that I had were normally nice, but there were more than just a few bites. One of those bites occurred when I brought one to class. The frightened the teacher about more bites, but I was able to let her out of her cage at the end of the day, and she was fine once no one had the smell of food on them. Some of the bites weren’t food-related, though. She was just grumpy or trying to fight another hamster.


Hummingbirds are quite feisty too and can be aggressive.


I’ve heard that kangaroos :kangaroo: have powerful legs and can cause significant harm with a kick.

What’s the matter with dolphins?



Didn’t know that. I don’t read/watch as much about them.

Dolphins were the main one that got me. I loved them as a kid, but once I realized that they were essentially the psychopaths of the ocean, it became hard to see them in such an innocent light anymore.

Dolphins are known to torture and rape other animals. Their killing of other animals also isn’t always just for food. Granted, it is probably them being territorial, but we tend to view very territorial animals as psychopaths (e.g. hippos).


Dolphins are rapists?! :frowning::flushed:

I heard walruses do that, but who likes walruses?


Dolphins definitely are rapists.


That really saddens me. Is it usually rogue males without a pod?

Male lions might kill the cubs of another pride, in order to take it over.

Animals are so beastly. :nerd_face:


Folks don’t realize that rabbits are temperamental, especially in their adolescence. Then they can be a real brat. In fact , that’s when most bunnies are sent to the shelter.
If the owner can tough it out, they mellow out in adulthood and become fun pets again, but they’re not like the cat and dog. They’re prey animals and always a bit nervous.
We’ve had two rabbits, but we knew ahead of time what they are like (we were warned!)


I honestly think the title of this post is the most Australian thing ever.


Thanks, Adam!

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