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I was just wondering if there are any major differences about the issue of abortion between “Christians” - protestants, baptists, etc. and Catholics. I’m assuming they are both on the same level, but that’s why I’m here! Let me know! :slight_smile:

No, Christians are no more united on the issue of abortion than they are on anything else-- sadly.

The Catholic Church teaches abortion is intrinsically evil as does the Orthodox Church. Standing with the Catholics and Orthodox are the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), and Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). From there, denominations spiral downward towards total acceptance of abortion in varying degrees:



As Catholics, we believe that a fully ensouled human being begins to exist at the moment that the sperm meets the egg. We call this moment the moment of “conception” - that is, God has conceived a human being, at this moment. To kill the ensouled and fertilized egg is exactly the same thing as to kill an adult human being.

Prior to conception, if the egg is killed or the sperm is killed for the purpose of preventing conception, it’s not a murder, but it’s still a grave sin, because it is to prevent God from making His own choice, whether to allow the egg and sperm to meet and then ensoul that person, or not.

The only licit (proper) way to regulate pregnancies is for married people to abstain from sex during the fertile time. (Single people avoid pregnancy by being celibate.)

Go to any pro-life rally, or witness a protest outside an abortion clinic, and you’ll find many of the participants are Catholic Christians. An online Catholic buddy of mine recently was sent to jail for participating in an abortion protest.

Some protestants like to use the “except in rape or incest” clause when opposed to abortion, like it’s the child’s fault they were conceived that way. :rolleyes:

I also remember having a conversation with one of my mormon friends and he said the exact same! I’ve heard this from other Christian friends, too… Does anyone know why this is taught, if it’s in the Bible?

Scripturally, I know of no such exception. Seems it is a tradition of men. :shrug:

Well, as a former Protestant and hopefully future Catholic, I can say that I see more Catholics speaking out than Protestants. I live in a small town full of Protestants and they would rather just not talk about it.

The divide on this issue is much more about conservative vs. liberal theology (not to be confused with those labels as applied to politics), rather than Catholic vs. Protestant.

Evangelical and Catholic teaching are very much in accord on this issue.

Came upon a video on YouTube… It’s actually a group of people responding to a question a viewer had about when life begins. Pretty cool!


Disputing the beginning of life is uncommon among Christians in general because we believe in truth – that is, Christianity doesn’t lend itself to relativism, the belief that all issues are matters of opinion only. Since biology establishes that a new life begins sometime during the conception process (from the thinning of the membranes of the two gametes until the reclosing of the ovum’s membrane and reduplication of the new DNA combination), a very quick process, only denial of biology can accommodate dispute about when life begins. But relativism holds that even whether the cells are thinning just depends on who is thinking about it.
Everyone who believes the Gospels must accept that a child is a person by five months after conception, because the Gospel of John describes “the infant” in Elizabeth’s womb leaping for joy. She was in her sixth month (so, five months along) at the time.
Some religious groups want to accommodate abortion because they want to be sure they don’t cause pain. They know that a woman feels pain, but they don’t know for sure at what age a child does. (The more we learn about the unborn, the earlier we see that they show signs of pain and other responses, but until they can answer a question we are going by what we can see).

Hi Sintora

Here is a website that I came across while watching EWTN

This Website shows what abortion is and that is Murder!

while there click on the video link

Life begins at conception


  1. The United Methodist Church’s Book of Discipline : “We support the legal option of abortion under proper medical procedures.”

  2. Bill Clinton sought the advise of his Baptist pastor W.O. Vaught at First Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock, AR as he struggled with the pro choice vs pro life debate while Governor.

In short Vaught, determined that in the original Hebrew, “personhood” stemmed from words translated as “to breathe life into” and then define a person’s life as beginning at birth and not conception.

Please note that not every Baptist teaches this but this was one man’s interpretation of scripture which has and continue to be proven false. Although Bill Clinton went along with his pastor on this he later went back to believing that life begins at conception but Hillary who is a Methodist is very comfortable within her own Church on these abortion issues.



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