When life return to the dead body

Have a question.

When I found my roommate and friend of 30 years dead in June of this year, she had probably been deceased for about half-hour or better. When the paramedics came they worked on her for about 15 minutes and they were going to declare her officially dead when they got a pulse. When they arrived she had turned blue, no pulse, no heart beat, nothing.

Now my question is when life returns to a person that is declared dead and is really dead, are we to assume that God has allowed the soul/spirit to return to the body for whatever reason and length of time? The day before she was officially declared deceased, she turned her head and looked directly at her son. The doctors said that by all rights, in her state, she should not have been able to do that. She had brain damage and had had five heart attacks. Two days after I found her, they took her off of the ventilator and she took a couple of breaths and died.

Any insight would be helpful. I have not really gotten over finding her yet.

When they declare someone dead, they are only going by external, their sould may not have actually departed the body. Their means of detecting death is not foolproof.

These sorts of events are surprisingly common.

There have been cases of individuals with no brain activity reviving.

Only God knows the answer - whether the individual only appeared dead or whether for whatever reason He intervened.

Death is when the soul leaves the body. A person who is resuscitated was not dead.

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