When masturbation isn't mortal sin, I'm confused

Typo below… I really meant
“You seem to believe that Aquinas disagrees and that “sins of weakness” do not excuse from mortal intent.”

BTW this very point was recently discussed here

In short we need to distinguish between “sins of weakness” (passion deliberately unopposed or even fuelled by strong intention) which can be mortal
and “sins of weakness” (frailty where opposing intent is only strong enough to deny internal assent but not external) which may only be venial or even less.

Latin translators and even english Catholics often get this ambiguity confused and the theology consequently erroneous.

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You know, I’m just going to point out that from a scientific standpoint, while physical addictions that result in physical withdrawl can only be caused by certain substances, it’s possible to be psychologically addicted to almost anything. Some people out there hurt themselves, and once they start it they don’t know how to stop doing it. They start getting antsy when they go too long without it and it’s all they can think about it. I think if you can be addicted to something that hurts you, you could definitely become addicted to something that feels good at the time like masturbation.

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Another typo.
Heres the discussion I referred to:
See esp post 66.

I don’t believe the sin is in the act, the sin is whether lust is involved.

Now we have medical science saying that men who ejaculate 5 times a week in their 20s reduce their future risk of prostate cancer by one third, so this act that we’ve been taught since CCD as a grave sin might actually be beneficial??? (Source: health.doctissimo.com/mens-health/about-prostate-disorders/could-masturbation-help-to-prevent-prostate-cancer.html)

Strange that you mention this in the context of incels, considering that I was told by one priest that being incel is a mortal sin in and of itself. (I am battling with how I can confess this and truly repent, meaning turn away, from this mortal sin. How does an incel become non-incel?)

Those ‘priests’ are wrong. Masturbation is very bad. I wish I had never started. It opens the gates to all kinds of weirdness. I am now tormented by evil spirits. I am on the verge of tears as I type this, because it is so embarrassing, but I am fondled and aroused by unseen hands at night and sometimes even during the day. It is disgusting and makes me feel sick, and often it leads to more masturbation. These spirits get into bed with me and embrace me, or they will straddle me. You can choose to believe this or think I am a total nutcase. I don’t care. All I know is that it is happening to me.

Those ‘priests’ are idiots. I didn’t use porn or entertain fantasies but it still happened. Those ‘priests’ are giving out incorrect information. Don’t listen to them.

Because I have a chronic illness, I am on a lot of medication. Therefore, anyone I talk to looks for a rational explanation and assumes that these experiences are somehow caused by it (they are not). This complicates matters and prevents me from talking to anyone ‘in the flesh’ about it. I did that once, and it was extremely painful for all concerned (won’t make that mistake again.) Naturally, this has now pushed me right to the edge.

Aquinas is right and those liberal, idiot priests are wrong.

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Prayer is imperative as its repentance and “submission” to the Lords will, places you in direct communication with the “Redeemer”. The Holy Spirit will lead you to what you do not know about the Word of God written in your heart. Humility is the first door which is complete submission.

Its personal battle with vice, the seven deadly sins, all are subjected to them due to our nature. No-ones vice is unique, its old sin and why the spiritual law was given to help you.

“For whoever exalts himself will be abased, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” ( Lk 14:11 )

“Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” ( Matthew 18:4)

“… Whoever wishes to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you must be slave of all.” ( Mark 10:43-44)

Repetitive biblical teaching of Christ himself. As is the social teaching of Matthew 25.

Seek God with all your heart and soul, and do what is good and right before Him as he commanded by Moses and all His servants and prophets.

Jeremiah-6 This is what the LORD says: "Stand beside the roads and watch. Ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is. Walk in it and find rest for yourselves. But they said, ‘We won’t walk in it!’

Bottom line:

Masturbation is always a sin. Whether it is grave or not doesn’t matter; it’s still a sin.

There are no loopholes or technicalities that allow you to do it and not have it be a sin.

That’s it. Case closed. No need for further discussion.

Is not all masturbation the result of temptation? If so, should one not be made aware of the dynamics and values of these temptations in order to more effectively resist them?

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I don’t hear this addressed much on the issue – and I’ve never run it by a priest because it seems like it’d be an odd conversation – but I believe that masturbation can be a legitimate action in the same way that, say, taking birth control pills is not a sin if you’re doing it to treat a medical condition.

It’s amazing at relieving stress, it boosts the immune system, it improves cardiovascular function and it’s actually a very, very effective treatment for migraines in some people.

That’s not to say that would give you a free pass in all cases or that you should be looking at porn to get yourself excited, but I don’t think it counts as a sin to use your body’s own natural responses to improve your health.

That seems so wrong. How can something that you didn’t choose be a mortal sin on your part? Ask him how he would suggest you stop sinning, because the only way for an Incel to be otherwise is to engage in random sex, unless he would suggest something crazy like an arranged marriage. Where is his justification to state you are in mortal sin due to being Incel?

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