When Muslims attack the Bible for having many different versions?

You have an interesting point of view concerning this matter but one thing to consider is that through out theage of the written Christian Scripture the Catholic church can make claim of always having the same common translations and books always having been used.It was up to theProtestant Reformation with Martin Luther and other Schimatics that took up to make translations to fit their ideas or teachings .We do also have the Authority of the Magesterium the teachings of the Apostles handed down from their own mouths.

But it is not the same. The Bible is not a book composed of ways in which believers should live, we are not told that we have to emulate the actions of people in the Bible. As Christians we are called live our lives as Christ taught, and in the Old Testament there are laws that apply to the Jews (as God’s chosen people) and also some that we see as foundations for Christ’s teaching. But the Bible is not a book primarily made up of laws and models of behaviour that we should follow,

The Quran is different in that it is viewed as the actual word of God dictated verbatum to Muhammed by the angel Gabriel. It is not a historical account, it is a book of instructions on how believers should behave.

The Quran is one book written with the purpose of instructing believers on how they should behave. The Bible is a collection of many books with many different purposes. Muslims view the Quran is the actual word of God dictated word for word. Christians do not view the Bible as the actual word of God, but as accounts written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit. That is makes a big difference with regard to whether interpretation can be applied to what has been written.

If a Muslim attacks the bible just tell them that Mohammed affirmed all prophets and scriptures old and New Testament he didn’t cherry pick verses. He strongly condemned those who did. So if the Old Testament and New Testament are different than the korans then that means the Koran is a lie.

That is very interesting, I did not know this, nor do the Muslims who have spoken to me on this issue. What is your basis for saying that?

The is a website called bible studying.net. They discuss the issue and give the page numbers that show where Mohammed affirms the prophets and scriptures with no distinction. He does this to valid his claim as a prophet. It is a very interesting website.

Syrah 2:136 and makes no distinction among the prophets hence Mohammed believes in all of them.

Syrah 2:283 makes no distinction among the apostles either. So that means no cherry picking verses.

Now the Koran also warns against taking Jews and Christians as friends lest you become one of them. Syrah 5:51 first paragraph. This is isolates any Muslim curious about the Jews or Christians and how or we understand our scriptures. So if our scriptures are different than what the Koran says they’ll never know it.

They will still argue that our scriptures have been altered and corrupted over time and will say that we have not kept to the original text. They will say that changing language alters meaning and that even today there are many different versions of the Bible in existence at the same time with different ways of writing the same parts of scripture, even in the same language. It is a difficult point to get around.

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