When not to say "Amen?"


I have noticed that in the Liturgy of the Hours Night prayer that “Amen” is not said after the antiphon to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Does anybody know why this is?

More generally, does anybody know when it is not appropriate, or simply superfluous, to say “Amen?”




Had not noticed this, myself! I can see many sleepless nights ahead discerning the answer and reading the more erudite posts that will undoubtedly follow.


When to say “Amen” – whenever you want to say “So be it!”

When not to say “Amen” – whenever you don’t want to say “So be it!”


Amen !


I guess I’m confused. There’s no “amen” after any of the antiphons in any of the hours, is there?


SMD is correct. The only “amens” are after each “Glory Be,” after the concluding prayer, and after the dismissal.


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