When not to take communion?

I recently was researching the enemies tactics by looking at some of his websites. I feel that this was not the right approach and that I need to confess this unhealthy curiosity. Is this something I should let keep me from taking communion until I go to confession? Thanks!

I look up a Baptist Forum site all the time. I have a good laugh at some of the things that go on there. Every one not of their belief is labelled “Unsaved trash”. They also have secondary labels such as:

A Catholic Priest is called - A Papist ring kissing dog
An atheist is called - An Arrogant Atheist Pig

I find the site quite funny.

I don’t know where y’all find sites like these. The Baptists that I ran with back in my previous life would NEVER use language like this.

Perhaps their forum isn’t indexed by Google because I tried to do a search using your phrases and came up with bupkus (except foe CAF). :shrug:

Neither would any of my Baptist friends.

Receive, not take. We receive communion, not take it. Receiving communion is a gift, and just as we don’t take a gift, but receive it from someone, we do not take the gift of communion, but rather receive it from Christ through the hands of the priest.

Ok. Slight Error. He is called a Ring-kissing Papist dog. I am looking at his post right now. I googled the phrase and it did not come up. I googled Baptist Forum and it came up first but that may be because I look at this site all the time. The Atheist is an “Unsaved trash, Arrogant Atheist D*ck”

I do not want to say too much on this thread as it might be seen as being off topic but I will be posting my own experience in another thread.

Visit my thread if you want to know more.


It’s quite on topic. If it was just “Baptist” or another denomination, I would hesitate to call them “of the enemy.”

I found the forum you referenced via Google, and I’ll tell you that inasmuch as I know we are all God’s children, the Landover Baptists are among the most ill informed of the Catholic faith.

I hesitate to call them witting agents of the enemy, though.

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