When people say SSA, what does this mean?


I am wondering simply, if the acronym means same sex attraction,
or same sex agenda when it appears all over this forum? I assume same sex attraction but I am not certain.


It means same-sex attraction.


I don’t know where the term originally came from, but the Courage/EnCourage apostalate uses it.
SSA means same sex attraction, which is exactly what it sounds like.
PPH means practicing and/or promoting homosexuality, in other words, being sexually active with ones own sex and encouraging or approving his behavior in others.

It’s meant to be clarifying, because a person can be SSA but chaste by purpose.

Some folks get their knickers in a twist over this phrasing, I’m not sure why. But different forums have different jargon and part of being on a forum is to learn the jargon.


I think people are using SSA to try and differentiate between people who are attracted to the same sex but are chaste, and those who are actively practicing a homosexual lifestyle. The word “gay” doesn’t always give the nuance of this distinction that they’re trying to make clear.


It means Same Sex Attraction, as other posters said


It means Same Sex Attraction
In math it means Side Side Angle, a type of triangle math problem.




It means they are gay, but reportedly currently celibate


SSA is used instead of gay and the host of other labels to change the focus to the condition.


SSA is a word some people use instead of “gay” because they think “gay” implies endorsement of gay sex, gay marriage and gay lifestyle.


Aaahhh…I miss the days before the Kings English was hijacked for nefarious intentions by various agenda driven sects…


I see that and raise you one Judy Garland in cat form


Love it!

I know I used to titter also at words that had double entendres…but it has become so militaristic…

Now every splinter group has to have it’s own acronym and that only confuses things, plus the new thing is to make up “new words” to identify already identified things but those old words may hurt someone feelings…

A terrible thing…it is robbing us of our culture, history and most of all the freedom to use words…


It’s a word instead of homosexual. Funnily often by people who are quick to speak about about how silly it is to make up all these “new sexualities!” and “new words for things that already exist”.


I don’t think it is funny. SSA differentiates between the attraction/desire and the act. It also differentiates between the attraction/desire and the lifestyle. It makes a distinction that I think everyone will agree exists. Is anyone thinking men who have sex with men don’t first have an attraction/desire to do so?

The word is especially necessary precisely because of all the new sexes (genders). That is because people have bought into the lie that your sexual attraction/desire or sex (gender) is the most defining quality of your person. The hyper focus on sex, and the resultant insanity that follows from the disorder, means we need to be as clear as possible.

This term adds clarity. I don’t mind the various terms for sex (gender) so long as we all realize they are a specific description of a deep mental/spiritual sickness.


You are right, this is not funny. For anyone who has had this temptation and resisted it, this is a disrespectful attitude.


There is a difference between sexual attraction and sexual action and not to seperate the two is to fall into the trap of saying they are the same and that is a part of the agenda of Satan, not God.


Of course the word “homosexual” is also a neologism, it dates from the 19th Century. You won’t find it in the older translations of the bible, the D-R and KJV.

The 19th Century was where the idea originated that sodomy was an ingrained sexual preference and the new word was invented to distinguish it. The old school thought was that this was just a sin.


For those who have resisted other sins, like the urge to slap someone perhaps, that is not considered the same as actually slapping someone and is a sign of strength of character.


Same sex attraction is a temptation not a sexuality.

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