When pope calls for prayer and fasting

does it become mandatory when the pope says we should pray and fast on certain days?

I mean not the days already prescribed

for example, the pope usually says this for the world day of human trafficking and other things like that.

is it binding? or just a recommendation? is it a sin not to do it?

sometimes I don’t even know that he said things like that until after the fact

No, in the cases mentioned it is not required, but is an act of piety.

He’s exhorting us, not commanding us.

Fasting for seniors 59 y.o. + is not
mandatory, however, the example
of Anna the prophetess at Jesus’
Presentation at the Temple is a
prime example of the virtue of
fasting(and prayer).

Fasting also propogates discipline, tolerance and denial of self.

It is good to practice if only missing a meal or two.

But in order to fast well, you should eat well.

But of course speak to your Doc before starting any fast .

Isnt Good Friday the only fast day, but we can choose to fast other days too. Many in my Parish fast on Fridays, in some form. Some also fast on Wednesdays.

just checking.

and I don’t want to treat it like it’s all about simply doing it to avoid sin.

but I do tend to be forgetful sometimes. or I don’t even know beforehand that he’s said it, things like that

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