when "reincarnation" stops?


For those of us here who believes in Reincarnation, when do you know your reincarnation process stops? When it does, what is next for you?



What do you mean by reincarnation? Do you mean reincarnation in the Hindu sense of the word? Or, is there a special meaning in Catholicism?


Greetings water,

It’s not important to know when it stops. That’s something beyond one’s control. What’s important and within one’s control, is what one does: is one ruled by compassion, wisdom, and truth; or by hatred, delusion, and fear? I focus on what I do, feel, and think; I’ll let reincarnation take care of itself.:smiley:



Hello Ahimsa and notself,

ah, I forgot to mention this part - I was discussing with a friend of mine who is New Age and she believes in the reincarnation just like that in Buddism - people are born again and they don’t know their previous life.

This friend also told me that she is not afraid to die because when she dies, she will go to Heaven. I haven’t had chance to discuss with her more, but my question is that if she knows that when she dies and goes to Heaven, she must know that she is no longer to reincarnate.

How does she know? that is my question.


Greetings water,

“Heaven” in Buddhism is a state/realm of relative pleasure and happiness, and there are many different sorts of Heavens, depending upon the person’s spiritual awareness. Some Heavens only last a few months, or a few years, whereas others can last for thousands or millions or eons of years. Some people can be born into a Heaven, stay in it for a while, and then be reborn on earth, or in a Hell, or in another Heaven. Other people can be born into a Heaven, and from that Heaven, they can directly realize Nirvana, liberation from the entire Hell-earth-Heaven process. So your friend can certainly hope to be reborn in a Heaven (or maybe she “knows” she’s headed to Heaven?), and then from there become free from the reincarnation/rebirth process.



Thanks Ahimsa for explaining. It looks like I need to ask her more about how she defines Heaven. :slight_smile:


What form of Buddhism does your friend practice? Is she Tibetan Buddhist, Zen Buddhist, Pure Land, Theravada?


uh oh, more questions for her.
Thanks notself.


I have a problem with reincarnation in that more people have been born in the last century or two than have existed throughout all of history. Makes it kind of problematic for everyone to have had all those past lives…


Reincarnation only stops once you’ve reached nirvana, or the state of perfection wherein there is no more need to come back to this world. To that effect then, those who believe in reincarnation states that only a few people have reached this, Jesus being one of those who’ve reached nirvana. Some say Gandhi has also reached this state of perfection.


Greetings Mjae,

In other words, you’re asking Where did all of these new people come from? Well, they came from other realms. Earth isn’t the only place where beings can be born.



Your profile states you are Catholic. I hope you do not group yourself with those who believe in reincarnation. The Catholic Church specifically teaches there is NO reincarnation. Any Catholic who persists in the belief that there is reincarnation is committing heresy.


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Relax, thistle,

Water is talking about a friend that believes in reincarnation.


Yeah the B-52s are great I like" Private Idaho" I think i’m going to spin the Vinyl.:smiley:


Thanks notself.

Thanks thistle for your concerning, thistle.
I don’t believe in reincarnation and I know where it says that in the Bible. :slight_smile: However, my question is to know better what others believe so that I am more prepared to have a better discussion.


Your friend may be using the term reincarnation, but Buddhists in general believe in rebirth.

Here is an excellent article on Buddhism by a widely respected Buddhist that is fairly short and without a lot of jargon.


Here is a link to what the Catholic Church says about Buddhism. This article was written in 1910. There is a note at the beginning hi-lighted in yellow that you should read. This article had numerous errors in interpretation of Buddhist teachings. But, it should be pointed out that Buddhism was not well known in the West at the time the article was written. Perhaps someone else can post a link to a more current article.



That’s good news. Well sad for the friend of course.


I have hope. :slight_smile: I’ve been praying for almost 2 years for my friend without approaching her to talk about religion. One day, not too long ago, we spent nearly two hours talking about God. I’ve found that when we discussed our similarities, it intrigued her and she opened more.

God works according to His Schedule, not mine. I need to be patient. :slight_smile:

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