When Russia's money runs out, the 'real trouble starts' [CNBC]


When Russia’s money runs out, the 'real trouble starts’

Stuck in a recession and with no sign of a reprieve in the oil price, Russia could quickly descend into chaos if the money runs out, William Browder, a well-known critic of the Kremlin and chief executive of Hermitage Capital, told CNBC.

“I don’t think you can underestimate how bad the situation in Russia is right now, you’ve got oil below any measure where the budget can survive and you’ve got sanctions from the West. Russia is in what I’d call a real serious economic crisis,” he said on Thursday.

Speaking to CNBC in Davos where global business and political leaders are attending the World Economic Forum (WEF), Browder said the central bank of Russia was “running out of money.”


The economic crisis had caused Putin to create a nationalist regime and foreign enemy in the West, Browder told CNBC, and to oversee what he called “repression” within Russia.


Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, I imagine it would be wise of Russia to diversify their economy.


The West has brought NATO to the doorstep of Russia by using the Euromaidan coup. It is not a phantasm of Russian propaganda. NATO threatens Russia.

Regardless, it is an entirely indigenous phenomenon within Russia that has cultivated benign image of Stalin. Gee… this a country that was supposedly oppressed by him. Children would hold resentment towards abusive parents, but there is little such resentment towards Russians, especially those who lived under the brutal totalitarian regime of the Soviets (including Stalin). Such resentment would overwhelm any feelings of patriotism. This suggests that much of the history of the Soviet Union is manufactured.


Putin’s “State Capitalism” which punishes companies unwilling to tow the Kremlin’s line and give kickbacks to pro-Putin “oligarchs” and encourages corruption and patronage is the cause of Russia’s economic woes. No foreign investor wil touch Russia with a ten foot pole in the current climate.

Furthermore Putin is intend on blaming outsiders for his country’s problems, going to war with foreigners and stoking the fires of Radical Russian nationalism to distract the populace from their misery, so any reform while he is in power is exceptionally remote.


So how is Putin going to war against foreigners? He is only attacking terrorism in the Middle East and defending Russian national interests against NATO encroachment in Ukraine.


It was a number of years ago but my ex-wife is Russian. I once asked her father why they put Stalin on Prima cigartettes. He said they put the shiest person on the shiest cigarettes. I’m not 100% sure that was a joke haha.



Why don’t the Germans put Hitler on cigarette boxes?

I don’t know if the father of your ex-wife is more inclined to be “pro-West”, but I wonder what percentage of Russians believe that Stalin is guilty of mass first-degree murder. I do not think it would be large.


Also, the US punishes companies that are unwilling to follow the line of the State Department. It punishes corporations that are willing to break the sanctions against countries that the US dislikes. Both countries use coercion, but even if the US is not heavy-handed, it does have substantial soft-power.


Let’s turn it around a little bit…
Furthermore TRUMP is intend on blaming outsiders for his country’s problems, going to war with foreigners and stoking the fires of Radical AMERICAN nationalism to distract the populace from their misery…

What do they say about throwing stones? :cool:


The economic crisis had caused Putin to create a nationalist regime and foreign enemy in the West, Browder told CNBC, and to oversee what he called “repression” within Russia.

From the initial article, let’s see, we can make a list of bad guys to Russia and past propagandists would be proud:

The West
Nato check on this one.
George Soros
Saudi Arabia
Garry Kasparov

So, it’s always interesting to see who will be vilified. I will add to the list when I think of more.


The Euromaidan is repression. It fosters the Azov Battalions and bans any nostalgic sentiment or political expression or association sympathetic to the Soviet Union.

Add Victoria Nuland, Geoffrey Pyatt, Stepan Bandera, Svoboda Party and Euromaidan (although the former two is subsumed under the USA) .

The US (or specific its conservatives) could also have such a long list.

Ho Chi Minh, the Kim family, Ayatollah Khomeini, Hugo Chavez, Bashar al-Assad, Robert Mugabe, Belarus, Eric Snowden, Julian Assange, Bradley (Chelsea) Manning, abortion, gay marriage and Fidel Castro would be on it.


Neo-Nazis, that’s another one to add to the list of paranoia.

Russia is full of Neo-Nazis, Aleksandr Dubin and furthermore, a Kleptocracy benefiting billionaires, is far from the ideals of Che Guevara, in fact, it is a most ugly form of Capitalism that one is actually speaking up for, if it can be called Capitalism.

It’s actually humorous respectfully, that one who is trying to espouse communism or socialism would defend this dilapidated system and what country, Ukraine included, would want to be a part of it?

Politicians, Journalists, Spies, the tip of the iceberg are being killed in Russia, found dead, found dead outside of the country.

No less of a source than the Moscow Times;

Russians Keep Lips Locked in Opinion Polls, Fearing Backlash

It’s a police state, it’s more like North Korea than probably other governments.

Racism in football is a general problem and FIFA is fighting this all around the world,’’ Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko said in September. ‘‘Russia is a FIFA member and we are also fighting this occurrence.’’

FARE also accused Russian fan leader Alexander Shprygin of displaying racist and Nazi symbols, and said he should be removed from a government commission overseeing Moscow’s preparations for the World Cup.



And I suppose going to war against Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova to support Russian separatists in each of those countries doesn’t qualify as waging war against foreigners?


I actually agree with your description of Trump 100%. He and Putin are very much alike.


I don’t trust the Moscow Times about what it says it political opinion in Russia.

How is it humorous? Jeane Kirkpatrick defended autocratic regimes in the name of anti-communism. She called nuns who were raped and murdered, not as innocent victims, but “political activists”. She did not want to even call it a tragedy.

I see Putin as a lesser evil, and it was initially hard to get past whatever association I had him with the Yeltsin kleptocracy. He opposes the evil of the Euromaidan and that is why I see him as a lesser evil.

He is worthy of some support because he is against Western imperialism and shows some sympathy towards the USSR. Such Russian sympathy is not primarily nationalistic sentiment manufactured by Putin’s propaganda apparatus, but genuine recognition of the CCCP’s social accomplishments (which without would just make the CCCP an irredeemable autocracy). Citizens of a country could withstand privation in the name of national independence and pride, but as I state in my first post in this thread, they cannot stand abuse.


Russia did not invade Ukraine. At worst, they gave some support to the rebels near Russia’s borders. The US also gave support to the anti-Assad rebels, not to mention the Mujahideen in the 1980s.

You should remember the Monroe doctrine. The US supported the Contras and supported coups in Guatemala and Chile. How is that not waging war against foreigners?


Russia annexed Crimea by force in addition to supporting East Ukrainian rebels.
Before that they annexed Abkhazia from Georgia.

Supporting the Syrian rebels and the Mujahedeen was a mistake on the part of the US but how exactly does that excuse Russian bullying? Many of the Russian bombing targets in Syria are actually civilians,not ISIS.

Guatemala was governed by a leftist President, Jacobo Arbenz, who was moving the country towards communism, had already made it illegal to hold anti-communist rallies and had ordered a massive arms shipment from Czechoslovakia presumably to carry out repression. The Archbishop of Guatemala City openly called for an uprising against communism.

In Chile, the romanticized version of the Allende regime being a peaceful socialist utopia is a fabrication. He imposed press censorship, seized property without compensation and sent his armed party thugs to seize factories and farms a la Zimbabwe. The opposition leader of the Senate, Patricio Aylwyn (who later became President of Chile himself in 1990) called for a coup as it was the only way to save Chile from an Allende dictatorship. Most Chileans supported the coup and believed (wrongly) it would be brief and bloodless.

In both Chile and Guatemala the US gave support to existing opposition to Marxist regimes, both of which were propped up by the USSR (and in Chile’s case Cuba). They were waging war against communism, not the people of those countries.

Both the US and the USSR intervened in other countries’s affairs, often without justification, and with causing misery to the country’s citizens (poor US interventions would be Iran in the 1950’s and supporting Saddam Hussein in the 1980’s).

There are, in short, many instances where the US did indeed wage war against foreigners (not in the cases you submitted) and that is despicable and unjustifiable, but again how does that justify Russia doing the same? If Obama jumped off a cliff would that automatically mean Putin should do the same?

The cold war is over, Too bad nobody told Putin.


There is a movie “Winter On Fire”, Ukraine wanted to be on its own, I certainly don’t buy the propaganda, they did not want to be part of Russia, Eastern Europe does not want to be part of Russia.

This is propaganda.

The system is broke, a co-founder of RT found dead, head of Military Intelligence found dead, one of the generals(?) that invaded Crime, found dead, to many of these.

George Sabra is a Christian representing the Syrian opposition, there are valid alternatives to Assad who caused this whole thing to begin with. I won’t go into that here.

The Mujahadeen are not the Taliban, the Taliban despises the Mujahadeen, thousands of volunteers made up the Taliban. Many, many civilians died in that war. One can research that for themselves.


What Putin allegedly did in Ukraine is similar to US foreign policy in Latin America, as the US believes Latin America is its vital interest. Similarly, Ukraine and Georgia are Russia’s vital interests, and as Stephen Cohen put it, its red lines to the expansion of NATO. You just justified US aggression in Latin America by citing the supposed evils of communism. Anything that is socialist is a free target for you, disingenuously saying that were waging war against communism and not the people of those countries (who in many cases voted for the government that the US tried to overthrow). “Communism” is the magic word to make it seem like the US is on a righteous crusade in Latin America. It is just virulent anti-communist bias.

It is hypocrisy to criticize Putin for his “aggressive” foreign policy; in fact, it is more defensive that US foreign policy. One could be cynical about Putin’s foreign policy and Russian interests, but portraying him as an unequivocal “aggressor” is just uncritical propaganda.

The US found no evidence that Guatemala was propped up by the Soviet Union.


It seems that everything is already in Siberia is the worst.


If one calls this a coup, perhaps we can see pictures of troops escorting the former President out, I haven’t seen any or in fact, any military doing such. That is a coup, not a bunch of protesters that have support.

Also, Ukraine and Georgia, people don’t want to serve a master, they lived behind the Iron Curtain for 80 years. They want their freedom.

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