When Same-Sex Marriage Was a Christian Rite


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I don’t believe that this is authentic. I could be wrong, I have been know to be wrong on things in the past, but I don’t buy this.

The author has this to say in his “about me” section

“All religious institutions, whether Jewish, Christian or Muslim, are nothing more than than human institutions created to terrify and enslave humankind, and to monopolize power and profit”

He also said that God raped Mary.

So, since he only seeks to discredit and not to enlighten, his words don’t hold much weight

Two celibate men who, became Christians and for that reason loved each other like brothers. A good example for men of being one’s brother’s keeper, as brothers and sisters in Christ! Brought even closer together through adversity, one might add.

It reminded me at first of how women once held hands and danced together during the War Years, from pictures and remembrances one my know that. Before one is married as well, one is closer to one’s own sex. My Mother can remember precisely about two women who were lesbians at her War time workplace making parachutes or whatever and so there is a distinct difference.

The rest of the article … someone else can address.

The guys an idiot. He states evidence that is suggested not factual.

OH please! :rolleyes: Same sex “marriage” was never a Christian rite! At least it wasn’t in orthodox Christendom.

yes, confusing. It was never a Christian rite. It was a consecrated friendship.

Those were the days when men were men, and no man ever thought of such a thing as conjugal relations between men. There are examples of this in the UK, and indeed, some statuary and memorials to similar consecrated friendships.

About the Original Post.

What a crock. Its laughable. Man, what else is going to crawl out from underneath the rock?


Only problem is that some will buy this tripe. :shrug:

You honestly believe there was a time in the last few thousand years when there was no such thing as homosexuality among human beings?

so you equal same-gender sexual behavior with same-sex marriage?
There’s no such thing as same-sex marriage – because marriage requires the complementarity of the gender roles.

Sounds like the author of that article does not know how to tell the truth.

There is artwork, specifically vases and bowls that suggest immoral acts between men, and there is poetry too, for women, in early Greece … pre-Christian era. The way it is today, may be a modern phenomenon. I gleaned a graduate article from Fordham which is online that it may have been considered upper class behavior and a fascination with eroticism. In the Bible it is called Sodomy. It doesn’t surprise me that it was upper class, sucking in the unwary man or woman into this arrogant behavior.

There has always been sin and perversion amongst human beings.

According to Wikipedia:

Sergius and Bacchus’s close relationship has led many modern commenters to believe they were lovers. The most popular evidence for this view is that the oldest text of their martyrology, in the Greek language, describes them as “erastai”, or lovers.[6] Yale historian John Boswell considered their relationship to be an example of an early Christian same-sex union, reflecting his contested view of tolerant early Christians attitudes toward homosexuality.[6] The artist Robert Lentz advocated this view,[7] portraying the men as a gay couple in his religious iconography painting. In his study on “The Origin of the Cult of SS. Sergius and Bacchus” David Woods classified some of Boswell’s arguments as “superficial”. Other historians and Byzantine analysts[citation needed], along with the official stance of the Eastern Orthodox Church, argue that the ancient Eastern tradition of adelphopoiia, which was done to form a “brotherhood” in the name of God, and is traditionally associated with these two saints, had no sexual implications.

Much of this misreading of medieval history comes from a book by John Boswell.

See this article for details of this modern attempt to re-write history to fit the gay agenda.

You might also want to go to First Things website and look for articles on John Boswell. You will find one by Robin Darling Young, who actually participated in such a “same-sex” friendship bonding ceremony. It had nothing to do with homosexuality or gay marriage.


I have always thought that homosexual acts are the nastiest and most unnatural things a human can do.

St. Sergius and Bacchus - Srdjevdan

  1. October
    http://www.spcportal.org/cms/images/upload/Image/Slave/sergejvakho.jpg The Martyrs Sergius and Bacchus in Syria were appointed to high positions in the army by the emperor Maximian (284-305), who did not know that they were Christians. Envious people informed Maximian that his two trusted counsellors did not honor the pagan gods.The emperor, wanting to convince himself of the truth of the accusation, ordered Sergius and Bacchus to offer sacrifice to the idols, but they replied that they honored the One God and worshiped only Him.
    The emperor commanded that they be sent to the governor of the eastern part of Syria, Antiochus, a fierce hater of Christians. Antiochus had received his position with the help of Sergius and Bacchus. The enraged Antiochus ordered Bacchus to be mercilessly beaten. They shod Sergius with iron sandals with nails in their soles and sent him to another city, where he was beheaded with the sword.

Marriage requires the complementarity of the gender roles.

You say so, so it must be true.

Pardon me for pointing out the obvious, but this appears to be a quite well-researched article that is documenting a large number of instances and practices from the early Church as regarding tolerance and sanctioning of homosexual marriage. I’m afraid it won’t do to simply brush it off as the rantings of a single misguided historian.

Unless people on this thread can bring some hard documentation of their own to this issue you might all need to adjust your understanding of early Christian attitudes towards homosexuals. That bigotry is rampant among Christians today is a sad commentary on retrograde thinking within their ranks today.

And rest assured of one thing: homosexuals have existed in all societies at all times. I would not be surprised if an early Church, that had fewer people to casually cast aside, would show tolerance towards all their members.

Have at it folks. Disprove it. I’m straight by the way, so please refrain from directing any stones my way.

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