When should I start looking for a relationship?



I’m an 18 year old first year nursing student at a Christian university, and I’m starting to think about relationships and when the proper time to look for one is. I grew up thinking that I should wait until I’m graduated to find a good man, then wait a few years to become an independent woman, etc. but now I’m starting to think that I could be throwing away the possibilities of good relationships by doing this and wasting the time I have to raise a family.

Should I wait until I’m graduated to find a good man, or simply until I meet a man worth investing time in a relationship with, even if I’m an undergrad? And if so, what might the hallmarks of a potential spouse be? I’ve never been in a relationship or looked for one before, so I have no experience in this area.

By the way, I’ve already thought about the religious life for many years, and I do not think that I am called to it (though perhaps this will change as I get older; who knows?)




It’s generally easier to find a good relationship while at the university than it is outside, in my opinion. Well, there are more people there to pick from.

Hallmarks of a potential spouse…honesty, reliability, trustworthy, seriousness, integrity, respectfulness. If you can find someone who is of your same faith, generally easier relationship.

Generally, I think it’s good for a potential spouse to have a good job or be on his way to having one.

Personally, I think it’s helpful to have someone of a similar educational level, things in common.

I think you could start with friendships. Allow the friendships to take some time before thinking of anything more serious, and allow a relationship, once it happens, to likewise, take time before marriage.



High school is great for learning about the dynamics of relationships, but college is when you should really be looking. Where else are you going to find a whole bunch of your peers of the opposite sex?:shrug:

Also, try not to worry so much about timing as far as relationships, starting a family, etc. Trust that God has that one figured out for you.

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