When Someone is Terrifed of God- Advice Needed


My roommate happens to have a Catholic friend who is not currently attending Mass. This girl is severely traumatized by religion; she sincerely believes that God can’t forgive her for anything, and that’s she’s bound to go to Hell no matter what. This absolutely terrifies her, and she has been extremely upset. Obviously this is not a Catholic teaching (and indeed, when my roommate asked her friend where she got these ideas the friend replied, “from my own messed up brain.”) My roommate has tried to explain to her about God’s love and mercy and that if we sincerely repent he will forgive us, but her friend is just having a difficult time working through this. So, I wondered if anyone had any advice on what to do in this situation? Prayers are also appreciated. Thank you!


Prayers on the way! It sounds like she needs to hear about our Lord’s Divine Mercy. Here is the diary of St. Faustina online (or you can buy the book). God bless.


See if a priest is able/willing to get involved. That might be the best solution.

That, and an explanation of what the Resurrection means. God died for us. How awesome is that?


I heard Mother Angelica (of EWTN) say something, once… that really helped me along these lines. She said…

“It is a kind of insult to God… when we believe that our sins are greater than His Mercy.”

I had never thought of it that way, previously. But it was like a light going on in my brain. And I knew she was right!

God’s Mercy is like an infinite OCEAN of love for poor humans. Yes, we’re sinners. Yes, we fall down and make mistakes. But when we’re truly sorry for our sins, and tell God… that we’re sorry; and go to Confession…

YES… He DOES forgive us!

It’s that simple. You might want to suggest to your friend… that a good way to contemplate God’s Mercy and Love for us… is to look at any Crucifix… and repeat to yourself… “He did this, for ME”.

Hope this helps. She is in my prayers. God bless.


I would recommend her reading the works of St. Therese of Lisieux. St. Therese declared that she would not fear hell even if she had committed every sin there was to commit. She explains that. Your friend should read it.


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