When someone makes you irritated


Sometimes at work I get so frustrated because a certain individual makes me feel like I never do anything right, and I always feel like I’m in trouble with them. It’s days like that when I find myself talking about how this person upset me, and makes me feel bad. But then I feel even worse for talking about them. Any tips on how to stop talking about people just because they make you mad or frustrated? Hopefully I’m not the only person who has felt like this.


I can kind of relate. There are people at school that irritate me. I took a step back and decided to figure out WHY did they irritate me? Why did these people bother me? That has helped in understanding my reaction. Figure out why this person irritates you may help in you to stop talking about why this person irritates you. Plus, tell yourself it is their problem that they act this way. They chose to act this way. You choose to react this way. Learn why you react then you can act.

Also, if this person’s behavior is causing problems, tell your boss.

And there’s the old standbye: PRAYER! Pray for help to find something nice about this person so that when they do bother you, you can focus on that.

This might be helpful advice, it may not. See what happens.


Gossip is/can be a hard habit to break. I remember once that I decided to give it up for Lent, really! I would not talk about people negatively. It was hard at first but it was a habit that stuck and I loved the change in myself! I would not start conversations that involved gossip and also when people talked to me about others I just looked at them or would say “oh”… I would not engage them in conversation it was a great life change for me.

Pray for this person. In addition, examine your own work habits. I am not trying to take their side but do they have any valid points or are they picking on your for no reason? Perhaps you have a few small bad work habits? I am not questioning your work ethic, just wondering.

Pray about this. Like any bad habit, prayer for self-change is the way to go. You have a great opportunity here to take your life in a new direction, I will pray for you. Hope this helps.


IMHO, we choose to let people irritate us. I have control of my feelings; I decide if I’m going to be irritated or not.

As for gossip, it’s a tough habit to overcome. Pray, take it to confession, remind yourself that God loves that person as much as he loves you. —KCT


Wow, do you work where I work? You just described how I feel about my boss!

So far, the only thing that helps is praying for her.


It’s a different situation when the person is your boss and when he or she is a coworker. If it’s the boss, there’s less you can do, but if it’s a coworker, you can always tell the person the comments aren’t helping and unless he or she can offer constructive criticism, you’d rather he or she didn’t at all. That must be trickier with a boss, I imagine.


He/she probably feels worst than you do. They have a problem within themselves, which they try to take out on the world specially on whomever they feel will take it (someone patient/good). All I can say is pray for them. Prayer does miracles.


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