When something is has occult elements is it bad?

Like I have this videogame that has Endochian (or however it’s spelled) for summoning demons and that angels talk. Keep in mind fictional univese. But the writings are I think based on it but the summoning and angels speak in it.

So I asked for a sign and got a weird one. I think it’s a sign I am in bad mental health so mabye because I was debating on if it was bad made me dream this. I kept asking for a sign and I dreamed for like a moment a girl (who is not in the game but mabye in a differnt game) and then blood splatters I think.

So should I break the disk and trash it? My mental health makes me question the dream somewhat. I want to play the game because it is fun but Idk, oh my life how you make it difficult.

I told God that I would throw it away (and break the disc I think) on garbage night but asked for signs. Well guess what night it is?

You know yourself best. If the game is a troubling you there are a lot of other video games out there. Pick a new one.

Have you played Minecraft yet? It’s a sandbox world where you can build tons of different things. Youtube for videos of people playing the game and see what you think.

Thing is I am not knowing myself best. My mind is not working properly and I think I need a psyciatrist… My thought proccess is messed up in such a bad way…

I’m gonna look at Minecraft, thanks.

Thing is I enjoyed this game but the occult language kinda hits hard. Especially what I read online about the magick.

If you already know that your mind isn’t right and therefore have less control over reaction to concepts in games, and are more easily influenced, than I do think it would be best to get rid of the game. Definitely see a psychiatrist, I have and it was an enormous help.

I will pray for your recovery

Involvement in the occult can cause mental illnesses,

How can one trust something that was discovered through a crystal ball which are used by clairvoyants.

Look after your mental and spiritual well being and add that game to your weekly collection of garbage.

… I was not really involved in the occult (use to check horoscope from time to time and fiction and all plus researched Enochian after I found out)… The game didn’t bother me before its just after I researched it more.

I would go with your gut. If your gut is telling you this material is bad then it probably is. :cool:

Some people are more spiritually sensitive than others. Games never bothered me much, though I do not really play them anymore, but I have known others who had a tremendous problem with them in terms of content. Especially if the games are immersive, because you can really get sucked into the plot, story, experience. If you are one of these people who gets sucked in, I would be very careful what you play. Satan can use that kind of thing against you.

Even if I did game now, there would definitely be games I would not play out of principle - those with wanton, graphic violence, and those with deeply disturbing imagery. Even from a non-spiritual standpoint, consider why you would want to subject yourself to something overly gratuitous/macabre?

The gameplay is whats fun for me not the story so much. Plus the dialoge was funny imo, also the music was good.

The Angels just speak it and so do some charecters when they summon things. Also the written form is used on things but really I think they just took letters and played around with them not like the real language (gonna double check I think).

I’ll keep praying and asking God.

Personally if I had to struggle this much with my conscious over a game, the answer would be rather easy. There are so many other forms of entertainment that can be rewarding as well as fun. Might be time to look for a new hobby or at least a better game.

Yeah but thing is my thoughts right now are not so good. I’m thinking a mental illness.

I do not know if my mind is tricking me aswell.

Actually, confusing fantasy and reality is what causes mental illness. And judging from this part of the OP, this might be the case:

You asked for a sign? From what? Me thinks you’re confusing real life with fantasy. Draw a line between the two, seriously.

… ok now I look coocoo for cocco puffs. (mmmm I could go for some now, we don’t have any though (T.T) Anywho I might have a mental illness but the thing is when I played the game it didn’t bother me and when I saw it played it looked cool.

I am not confusing fantasy and reality. Its the language in the game from a occultist from what they called angels and I read somethings about what these so called angels told them and it was like soooo wrong. The guy who helped seemed possibly like a con artist especially what he did once. But I’m debating the use of that language and I’m praying for answers if some signs are really signs.

I prayed to God for a sign… who did you think I prayed to?

If you think you may have a mental ilness then it might be best to avoid it for now.
Anything that is adding more stress or worries to your life its wisest just to just currently stop playing it.
Thats doesnt mean that the game is bad in itself or occult etc,and it may be fine for another to play it,but for you personally with your mindset perceiving it the way it is-it might provide more fear or confusion instead of just providing objective entertainment/fun.

Is there some other games you find fun?EG : Do you have or could you get a Wii and play sports on that?

You said you think you need a psychiatrist,could you maybe consider seeing one?
But do research first to make sure the one you see is a good one.

I didn’t play it for sometime it was just sitting there. It kinda slippped my mind as more worse things happened.

I do have a wii mabye its time to play it again haven’t touched it in awhile.

I’ll debate it more eventually. Right now I am not in good mental health and will have to go for help eventually. Some things are stoping me but I can hold out for more hopefully

Best Wishes:hug3:

Awww Thank you!!!:grouphug:

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