When the Church fired a man at a Catholic school who had a same-sex wedding. Article discusses the moral issues involved


The church has every right to defend it’s values. If it doesn’t than there is no freedom of religion. That’s blatantly making the Constitution hypocritical. Therefore, having the state enforce the alphabet agenda on the Church would be unconstitutional.

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“When Payne-Elliott sued the school for letting him go, he said he hoped it would “put a stop to the targeting of LGBTQ employees and their families.” That’s a convenient argument, but a phony one.”

I found this to be such an odd comment by Payne-Elliot. Presumably the school didn’t recruit him and hire him under false pretenses. Other articles that I have read indicated that this teacher signed a statement of faith and conduct as a condition of his employment. If anything, it appears that he signed this contract in bad faith, targeting the school for its pre-existing policy. It is bewildering to me that people these days join organizations with the intent to fundamentally coerce the organization to accept their personal viewpoints rather than to adapt to the viewpoints of the organizations they join or join organizations which share the same values that they do on an individual level. The nature of free association is that both parties freely engage in a mutually beneficial relationship. When one party enters into the relationship under false pretenses, they should not be subject to government protection. All this does is encourages the formation of bad faith arrangements that one side can walk out on with impunity. This is particularly true for organizations that are explicitly religious and subject to the protections of the First Amendment.

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I’ve yet to see a Catholic school that does not have a morals faith adherence clause in the contract.

Even though LGBQism has been deemed Satanic by some in the Catholic Hierarchy,
that doesn’t stop some from opposing Christ.

We’re never actually dealing with the actual Constitution, per se.
but only e.g, the Nine SCOTUS Justices majority arbitrary Opinion of the Constitution…


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Well technically, in theory, those nine justices are supposed to be the Supreme Defenders of the Constitution. Unfortunately all it takes is a handful of activist judges with agendas to pass unconstitutional and illegal laws.

Just pray for our nation and hope that RGB retires or passes away soon so some sanity can return to our land.

yes. And what few realize - is that it’s the Arbitrary Opinion OF the Constitution
which becomes law

SCOTUS on The DP? Legal, Illegal, Legal… and it could become Illegal

Arbitrary law as opposed to God’s UnChanging Law

I don’t remember one in mine.

Right. These people do not understand that if they are successful they render contracts pointless.

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