When the Devil lived in the Richmond




Why are there so many radical anti-Christians in the Bay Area?


Silly LaVey.

In my younger, stupider days, I was a massive fan. His first book, which I won’t bother naming, contains some of the worst argumentation I’ve ever heard against Christianity and Catholicism, as I recall. How easily we are duped by the things we want to believe. :slight_smile:


I grew up in SF, went to Convent of the Sacred Heart in 1968. Most of the people who give SF a bad name were not from there. Many of my schoolmates lived in the Richmond, Sunset, Laural Heights, some even in the Haight Ashbury district. Most of what you read about SF had nothing to do with us. We went to Mass every Sunday in our local parish, we played in our local parks or played with our neighbors, our parents went to work like everyone else.

Heck, even in the public schools, girls were not allowed to wear pants in 1968. None of us were allowed to go near where the Hippies lived (which may be why the Duck Dynasty guys turn me off), we were taught to stay away from the Children of God Jesus freaks. What those outside the City saw is not what we lived.


How did it become so liberal?


Nor were we. It was in '68 or '69 that we were given permission to wear pants to school. Born rebel that I was, I was the first to do so.

The picture of the St. Patrick’s snake race reminded me of something I read a few (maybe many) years ago. A nun, to raise money for her convent, entered the race. I think she named “her” snake Windshield Viper. :slight_smile:

I think the story may have been in Catholic Digest. Anyone else remember that, but better than I do?


Perhaps a live and let live attitude. Or the whole Baghdad by the Bay that started in the 1800’s. But that was part of the Wild West period that people love to say was full of individuality but was actually full of sin.

However, if you go out to the Sunset or Richmond, it may not be a liberal as you think. But the people who live there don’t get as much media coverage as those who who see. BTW, the reason Pelosi and others keep getting votes is because they brought home the bacon,just like all other politicians did before it became politically incorrect on the Republican/Tea Party side (yes one can be politically incorrect on the conservative side too).

Every city has conservatives and liberals. Some get more attention than others. I suspect your city is full of sinners and liberals. Does that mean you agree with them or should be tarred by their behavior and beliefs?

Oh wait, you live in Southern California. The place that wants No. California’s water.


San Diego has its fair share of liberals. Hillcrest in the main liberal district in San Diego. I do not agree with these people and I don’t let the city get tarred by them.


But they do have a good zoo. :slight_smile: and Balboa Park is wonderful. So is The Old Town area. Good restaurants.


I was wondered where he went down to Georgia from.


The liberal hippies, flower children and student activists of the 60’s converged there and never left.


I think it’s gone beyond that. The self-described “liberal” in America isn’t “liberal” anymore, but rather they are leftist.

The 1960’s liberal from SF respected everyone’s opinion, and asked for you to respect theirs. That respect is now absolutely GONE from the vast majority of people who describe themselves as liberal. Instead is a militant “YOU ARE A BIGOT IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ANYTHING I SAY!!!” attitude.


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