When The Devil Tempted Jesus


I’ve been reading about spiritual warfare -
It’s scary when you - open your eyes - to this actual reality.
In fact, I don’t recommend it -
Anyways, when Jesus was tempted - somewhere in the wilderness -
…do think The Devil snickered at him ?
Snickered - with contempt.

This question is for all the warfare Catholics out there.

Any insightful thoughts - would be good for me to read.


The main point for me is that the Devil could never succeed in tempting Jesus as a man, because his humanity was always aligned with his divinity. So the Devil was/is/will always be a loser.


3 temptations:

  • A material solution
  • Fame
  • Power


the good news is that the temptation doesn’t last forever it eventually goes away (satan retreated from Jesus). Also the father never allows a temptation with anything we cannot handle


I imagine that Satan looked at God becoming man and thought, in his arrogance and hatred, that he could tempt Christ, as he had with so many mortal men before. He probably actually believed he could achieve it, and as he could not, has spent thousands of years still trying to destroy him by going after us.

I think he snickered, just as he has whenever people fall into his snares, even though he knows that victory will be impossible…even though it seems all too possible sometimes.


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