When the pope dies can we still pray for his intentions?

When a pope dies, as now appears to be happening, what is done with the reference to the Pope in the Eucharistic Prayers? Is it simply dropped?

Also, considering that tommorow is Divine Mercy Sunday, a gracious plenary indulgence is available. However, one of the conditions for a plenary indulgence is praying for the intentions of the Pope…what happens when there is no Pope? Are plenary indulgences then not available during that time? The regulations on indulgences I have read say nothing about that rather rare situation…


Mark Kendall

Dear b,

When a pope dies, his intentions still exist. Just pray for those intentions until a new pope has other intentions. No problem!

At Mass, we will still pray for him for John Paul, our pope. His death will not prevent us from praying for him.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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