When the resurrection of our bodies happens, will those with tattoos have tattoos in heaven?

Just curious if tattooed Catholics will be tattooed when reunited with their body at the end of time

I think not. But that’s just my opinion.


What is given by God - such as the stigmata, may very well persist. But, that which man has done will probably vanish - the way I see it.


I don’t think a tattoo, piercing, or any cosmetic alteration (including plastic surgery) affects the essential form of the body, so no, those would not be resurrected. Of course I’m speculating, too.

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It may depend whether you came to regret them.


If we do have tattoos, they will be awesome!


I don’t think so. But if you are worried, I would pick out an appropriate one.

Perhaps if one wishes to keep the tattoo and it isn’t anything inappropriate, then God will permit us to keep it. We can always ask him.


I think if a person wants the tattoo they’ll have the tattoo otherwise they won’t.

Tattoos are a type of implant so they aren’t physically the body the way the feet or ears are part of the body. But accessory items can still exist in theory. I definitely 100% think art and other creative works will exist in Heaven (art is the grandchild of God) and tattoos are part of that domain.


I’m not worried. I’m just heavily tattooed on my arms. Was just curious

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The resurrected body will be a glorified body with no flaws

People who wore glasses in life won’t have a need for them in heaven nor will they have tattoos


But a tattoo isn’t a flaw. It’s a form of expression or self-expression. It seems clear from tradition that art & music & creative works will be in Heaven, and it would seem that tattoos would fall under that category.

So it seems more probable that there would/could be tattoos. I think if some people have scruples towards tattoos, those scruples will be purified and will no longer exist in Heaven, so that it no longer bothers them in the way it may have on Earth.



Your body is a temple and you don’t mar the temple.


But that is a subjective, personal sentiment based on personal preference and/or cultural background and/or upbringing, like if a mom or dad or grandma didn’t like tattoos and they conveyed this opinion to their children at an early age. It’s not an objective teaching. Getting a tattoo isn’t something that should be confessed to a priest, unless it is inflammatory or pornographic.

The Pauline teaching on the body being a temple is related to the theology of the body. Moral theology is based on objectivity.


We might be able to choose.

Tattoos don’t mar the temple

A tattoo is the ego expressing itself

The resurrected body will not be a resuscitated body, but a glorified body which is free of ego.

Oh and I have a tattoo. A Bull Dog Wearing a DI Hat with USMC in large letters underneath. Of course the bull dog is hard to distinguish after all these years, but yeah, at 19 years of age, it was my ego which drove me to get a tat

The pilgrims to Jerusalem in the crusader and pre-crusader times didn’t see it as “marring the temple” when they got a tattoo to show they had been to the Holy Land.

In some cases they were even required to get the tattoo to prove to their confessor back home that they’d done the pilgrimage, for penance.

Nothing wrong with tattoos as long as they’re not blasphemous or indecent.


The bodies will be glorified, and the tatoos will have been removed. :rofl:

they will be glorified bodies, what that means though is somewhat unclear, Fr. Mike Schmitz for example is 5’ 9" and thinks (hopes) he will be 6’2". things will change, yet remain, so who knows.

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