When the virus is over are we supposed to just go back to mass?

And I would not have a heart surgeon trouble shoot pandemics as public health issues, I would get a specialist to do that, guess who they are, yes, epidemiologists. They both go to university for specialist skills. Right now epidemiologists are the experts for this pandemic.

Got any idea what education and training an Epidemiologist undergoes ? What areas?

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I agree with not generalizing. My parish, for instance, still has confession–although it’s face to face confession and I can’t for the life of me understand why they can’t just put up a curtain or screen.

But on the other hand, there are going to be hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, who feel as the OP does, that the Church abandoned us, just folded, who are hurting and wondering where are the saints of former years who shepherded their flock no matter what authorities said.

We can’t brush off that pain.


True. Considering that life in my country is pretty much as it was, even inside supermarkets they are busy and people are close to each other. Beaches are packed etc.

What hurts the most is the church has been given power to bind and loose by Jesus himself but they aren’t doing it. They could have come up with a way of people being absolved from their sins during this period if they go to confession when it is all over but they haven’t done it so lots of us wander around in mortal sin with absolutely no hope as there is no confession in my entire country and the possibility now of dying during this time makes me and others feel abandoned.

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I miss Jesus in the Eucharist but don’t really miss mass anymore. It has changed over the years.

Imagine all the plenary indulgences not getting granted during this period too?

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I’m sorry you had to work during the pandemic.

But perhaps mass will be different too such as social distancing etc… but we are required to return to mass and sacraments as your diocese directs

Attend a traditional parish. I attend a more traditional parish then my adult kids. My daughter belongs to a contemporary choir.
Not my cup of tea :slightly_smiling_face:

But it enhances the Love of the Lord in thier souls and brings them spiritual joy.

Yes definitely go back to mass.

But I agree there could have been more done. We could have had confession easily with 2m distance and even open air masses.

The Pope has given special Plenary Indulgences for this period.

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If nothing changes in our case load, our province will go to Alert level 3 in early June. That will allow a gathering of 50 at official things like religious services but we will still be expected to follow the social distancing guidelines.

We counted the pews yesterday and to maintain this distancing we can only fit ~35 people in the church. We can only use every second pew which allows for about 24 people who are not in the same household in the two sections of larger pews and about 12 in the smaller pews and they must hug the wall to maintain the mandatory 6’ of distance. Our doors must be monitored, everything must be disinfected afterwards, and bathrooms can’t be open.

I’m so sorry. My mother was buried without a mass- as her diocese was closed. So I feel your pain. My daughters Confirmation was cancelled too.

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