When the Water Runs Out




They really should have better priorities, do they really want to make sure humans have water or would they rather the crops get it all…I mean…CMON! LOL

I remember watching an interview with a medical nutrition expert years ago, he said all it takes is about 5-7 days for an other wise normal neighborhood to go from one that has a normal constant supply of food and water, everythings good, but take that food and water away for just 5-7 days, and by then, people would be willing to kill their neighbors for a small bottle of water of plate of food.

They were trying to show it doesnt take long for society to degrade to these levels if water or food become scarce.


California Reservoir Levels:



This doesn’t even include Lake Meade, which brings water to 5 states (Southern CA taking the most).

I was watching “How the States got their Shapes” and they were showing how much lake Meade has dropped since 2004… It’s crazy, the water line has recessed 800 feet… Las Vegas might become a ghost town if they can’t figure out how to save and conserve water. Personally, I think they need to figure out how to create efficient desalination plants to suck water out of the Pacific.


Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the nation. They are starting to divert water into Lake Mead, but it is still very, very low.


Too many people in Southern California. I’m pretty sure the population here continues to grow consistently, while the water supply can only handle so much… This is a desert afterall. :shrug:

But the weather is nice year round (though we are in the middle of a heat wave), and all kinds of plants grow here. Lots of avocados and rare Asian fruits. A lot of towns have pretty good farmers markets too, where you can get all kinds of fresh stuff.


Well sure, everyone would prefer to live somewhere where the weather is so perfect year round…I know around here in KY, people are just getting fed up with having to go thru terrible cold winters, Im not living here because I want to either, if I could afford to live in SoCal, I would be leaving tonight, but I hope to live out there someday and leave this God forsaken state!


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