When the wisemen arrived JESUS was already a young child not a new born baby


Matthew 2:11 And when they were come into the house, they saw the ***young child ***with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.

Although Nativity sets often include figures of Three Wisemen, the visit of the Wisemen occurred up to two years after the birth of Jesus, judging by King Herod’s orders to kill boys in Bethlehem who were two years old or younger. Two years would certainly be enough time for the Holy Family to move from the stable into a house.

The wise men had to travel quite a distance to find Jesus. One source I read said it might have taken as long as 2 years. In any case, by the time they got there, he was no longer an infant. Notice that they went to his house, not the stable where he was born. By that time the holy family had returned from Bethlehem. We have kind of lumped everything together in the Christmas story.

I was under the impression the 3 wise men left and began their journey before Jesus was born, and he was actually born when they were getting close…? The star was leading them, so the star (or Holy Spirit) would have known the exact time when Jesus was to be born, so he couldve appeared as a star to the wise men in enough time to account for the length of time the actual journey would take them…Is this a misunderstanding?

I actually am not that knowledgeable about that subject, and can’t remember where I was reading about this–I believe it was in one of those publications you find in Church bookracks, but I remember it saying that it might have taken the wise men around 2 years to reach Jesus, and the Scripture says they were in a house and he was a young child and also that is why Herod set the age limit for his murder of the innocents at 2 years and under. I am sorry I don’t have the reference. However, I have also never heard of what you posted, and I don’t believe the star is associated with the birth night, only with the wise men in the scriptural accounts.

Perhaps there is someone more knowledgeable here that can give a better answer and some sources. In any case, what I posted was from my reading.

I found this pretty amazing: youtube.com/watch?v=zPHKg0M3mEo

What do you need help with? You will have to be more specific regarding why this is an issue for you.

We’ve had our minds conditioned by common art, where Christ is usually portrayed as a baby in the manger with Mary and Joseph, the three wise men, the shepherds and a menagerie of animals.

Whereas the three wise men turned up later it seems, hence Herod’s concern to kill all the boys under two in Bethlehem.

While we set up manger scenes with all the characters (shepards, wise men etc). that does not mean that they all came at the same time. When Herod ordered the destruction of all male babies, he specified 2 years and younger, which means that there probably might have been up to a 2 year period between the birth of Jesus and when the Holy Family fled to Egypt. I think your thinking there is a conflict here but there isn’t. Even in the Church calendar, the feast of the Epiphany in Jan 6, not Dec 25 or in other words, they came after Jesus birth. It looks like Joseph and Mary stayed in Bethlehem, found a house (the Bible mentioned that they entered a house not a cave/manager) and then fled after the visit. I think you are thinking there is a conflict here but there isn’t and between the account in Matthew and Luke, there is continuity of the navity story.

I have heard this also. Also know it possibly took them up to two years to reach Jesus. I guess 2014 years later there isent much chance of us knowing which way it happened for sure but I always picture him as a baby even though he may have been a bit older.

I was in a conversation w/ a n-c re catholic’s christmas nativity scene…said we got it all wrong & just don’t know how to response to that!

We were given a wonderful nativity scene from South America that has native characters dressed in their traditional garb. Some Pilipino friends love it because it reminds them of home. We should have given it away, but it reminded us of them too. There is spiritual and personal meaning and significance in setting up the nativity scene.

Your friend’s comments would make me laugh, cause they seem to miss the whole point and likely if you had a true depiction, what you would have heard is that it is idolatry.

Just to mess things up a little more. The gospels speak of 3 gifts, not 3 wise men. But all the nativity scenes provide us with three?

Historically, they have shown between 2 and 12 wise men.

How to respond? “Grow up”

Christian art communicates allegorically and symbolically, not literally.

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