When to ask someone to be a godparent

I am 7 months pregnant with our first child. We are due Dec 7 and are planning to baptize our expected daughter in January. We have our godparents in mind, both of the Catholic faith. When is the best time to ask if they are open to the invitation to be godparents? Should we ask them now or should we wait until after our daughter is born?

And as a sidebar, when I do ask them, what are some ways I can approach the situation?

Thank you

I would tell them as soon as possible.

They might be making plans to be out of town when your baby is baptized.

Agree with Cluny…now is best. I wish my Godson’s parents hadn’t waited so long…I really didn’t even have an opportunity to think about it, with the baby already here and baptism in a month.

The other advantage to doing it now, is that the Godparents can be praying for your little one. We lost our last baby when I was 16 weeks along. When we finally conceived again, I think we waited a whole two weeks before asking the Godparents if they would take on that role. I really like knowing that there are people who have prayers already vested in this little one.

Ask NOW :)! Many parishes also have months of classes that must be attended by parents and godparents before the baptism…Not only is it beneficial for the baby to be baptized young; it is also much easier to attend classes when pregnant than when attending to a newborn!

ask asap because both the parents and godparents may be required to take pre-baptismal classes in your diocese, and it is much easier before the baby is born (no babysitting problems for one thing).

There’s definitely no need to wait! Especially if you are planning the Baptism for a month after the birth. You want to make sure they have the date on their calendar!

My wife and I (well mainly my wife ;)) tend to overthink the whole “asking the godparents” part. Generally, all you have to do is blurt out the question. They’ll probably be so excited about it that they’ll forget how you asked anyway. :slight_smile:

I will say, though, that it’s nice to ask privately and in person, preferably as a couple. If you have to do it by phone or do the asking solo (without your husband there), so that you can ask sooner rather than later, then that’s fine. I think it took my wife and me a couple of months before both of us and both of our second child’s prospective godparents were all together at the same time in a private setting. But we still managed to ask a few months ahead of time.

And the class is often a month or so before the baptism.

We have a little one about to be baptized, also. After we decided who we’d like to ask to be the godparents, we just simply asked them. The godfather, my little brother, I asked in person. Just to be cute, I said that the baby was wondering if he’d be interested in being his godfather :stuck_out_tongue: And the godmother, one of my best friends, I called to ask her since she doesn’t live in our town. I just simply said that my husband and I were would like to know if she’d be interested in being our baby’s godmother and that we’d really like for her to, and she was honored and glad to. I don’t think it’s a big deal how you do it, they will be honored no matter what. And I would ask them asap, also, since it’ll be around Christmastime and they may be planning vacations or something. Congrats on your upcoming arrival! Our 1st was born Dec 7 also :slight_smile:

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