When to bless a house

When did you blessed your house? When it was ready to move in? Or when it was still a shell?
I am unsure a) when to place the icons (separate room for prayer is there) and b) when blessing should be done.

just before moving in seems like a good time, then yearly

I was unsure because a blessing before we start probably dangerous building tasks seems also reasonable…

are you building yourselves or getting it done

We buy an old House and we restaurate it on our own

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big project! Ask your priest what he prefers to do, he might have a certain way of house blessing for different situations.

I will, yes. I feel a bit bad to ask as he would have to travel 3 hours :confused:

All the more reason to get it blessed right away. I would have it done right away. But the closest priest is 3 hours away?

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is there a priest closer

It’s a village in the forest 1,5 hours away from the next town, but orthodox parishes are very few here in my country. I could look for another orthodox church, but I’m not yet familiar with them as I’m new here.

When it’s finished and ready to be lived in.

Also, around dinner time is always nice a blessing and dinner.

I recently drove 1.5 hours to bless the home of a friend.

A sinner,
Deacon Christopher

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Yes, dinner is a lovely gesture, Deacon!

Thank you Deacon Christopher. Well, in this case we won´t have to ask our priest in the next 5 years :wink:
It´s an very old building ad we need to make floors and walls new with only 2-3 people.

Blessings on your new home. I do the house fully together w an hor d’ouvrs Party w family and friends. That way items in the house are blessed, also.
Keep Holy Water around, so you can drown teenagers in it. SIGH! Joke. Sometimes, you have it done ,again.You May feel a negative presence in the house.
The Lord keep thee. May He shine His countenance down in you and give you peace. In Jesus name.

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Thank you very much, tweedlealice. We aren´t fully done with the paperwork, so it´s not ours oficially yet, but we plan forward the next month and the question came up when we started climbing in the roof for the first time with a concerned feeling :grinning:

Rome wasn’t built in a day . . .

Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain Ps 127:100:

I am a sinner,
Deacon Christopher


Your welcome Alice24…
It’s a festive time, getting ones house blessed. Get Holy Water fonts for the front door.

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That’s the scripture verse for the blessing. Thank you

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