When to Blog? When to post to the Forums?

Greetings Brethren,

This is a follow through to my earlier post on Blogging.

I just wondered - when (and what) should I blog vs when (and what) should I post to the forums?

Also, I wondered if other Catholic bloggers out there might take a look at what I have to crit my work?

Finally, am looking to see if there are Catholic Blogging people out there who might be interested in sharing ideas about technology (particularly WordPress and Drupal). Am trying to set up a feed from the USCCB to my blog for the Daily Readings, and I could use some help.

Thanks and many blessings,


Well post a link to your blog!

Ummm, can’t help you with the readings thing. I use a Church’s website but I’d gladly switch to yours :slight_smile:

No need to switch. :slight_smile: Do both! :wink: Anyway, details are below.


I know it is a horrible title (seemingly mixing business and religion), and I intend to change it when I have some time and pennies, but there’s actually nothing under that domain or any of its sub-domains as per business at all. It’s just an old domain I’ve had fr years, wasn’t using except for email, and salvaged for the sake of the blog.

Anyway, please be gentle with critiques of the blog. It was intended to be kept private, and only recently have I felt an interest in opening it up to the public. So it was originally intended to be used only by me, and so I designed it more as a journal.

The structure of the blog is defined by the navbar. It covers a lot of different stuff - perhaps too much - and I drew the structure more like an outline to a book. The outline is intended to be filled in over time, so there may be sections with nothing in them yet.

The Iconography section isn’t really icons at all. It is a set of galleries with about 1000 pictures of churches and religious places and events I have had the priviledge of attending over the years. There’s some beautiful pics in there, but there’s also some lousy ones. 1000 pics is a lot to edit, so I just posted them all.

Anyway, the main area I post to is Personal Reflections. Ironically, some of the better reflections were probably the initial reflections, as I seem to have diluted my focus over time. I cant figure out why this is so, but I imagine it is because I may be trying to do too much, or it may be an expansion of my mind. So the posts are all mixed up. To get to the Personal Reflections - you just go to the Navbar->Prayer->Personal Reflections.

I guess that’s about it. I’d be happy to help anyone learn how to setup and share a blog, so feel free to write as per technical discussion.

Peace and Blessings,


As blogging becomes more accessible your question has been coming up more often. I have opted to respond in this thread rather than through moderator channels for the benefit of others.

The forums are here to stimulate dialogue, discussion. This implies an exchange of ideas, opinions, information. You post a question or a comment when you seek input from others about matters pertaining to your life as a Catholic with regard to the various topics on the board: apologetics, liturgy & sacraments, Catholic living, water cooler, popular media, etc.

Blogs are more one-sided opinion-education pieces. Those posts are more like essays than statements or questions. This board is not a place for such expressions. You are allowed to have your blog link in your signature but you are not allow to post only to direct people to read your latest piece.

There is not a subforum for social media training and tips, but popular media would probably be the closest fit for tips on general tips on blogging. There are other sites better suited to offer the specific instruction you need.

Hope that helps. Good luck with your blog.

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