When to shake the dust?



How do you know if you are following the proscription to shake the dust from your sandals or just giving up prematurely? When should enough be enough in the dialogue with others?


One consideration comes immediately to mind: If the situations puts you in the near occasion of sin, it’s time to give the situation a break.

If you can successfully follow the advice of Patrick Madrid to “forget insults and slights immediately”, the need to give dialog a rest will occur less often.


For me, it is when your interlocutor demonstrates they are impervious to evidence you offer.

Time then for someone else to move the ball.



How about when you keep telling them something and they still continue in their ignorance - not that they agree but that they refuse to acknowledge what you believe.

Catholicism was created by albino assassin monks at the Council of Trent.

No it wasn’t, here is the historical evidence that Catholicism started in the 1st century. Whether you hold this Faith to be true or not, the history speaks for itself.

Catholicism was created by albino assassin monks at the Council of Trent.


ad nauseam.

You must abandon your belief in God because it is illogical and you can’t show me any concrete evidence that He exists.

  • here show philosophical arguments, common sense ideas, show that cherished theories are just theories, etc. -

You must abandon your belief in God because it is illogical and you can’t show me any concrete evidence that He exists. And if you don’t you’re dishonest and irrelevant.


Many times I can feel my temper just start to soar!! And I feel frustrated by their apparent deliberate idiocy and refusal to be corrected about what I believe and what I mean when I say something.


I keep it real simple, following the command of Our Lord. [size=][FONT=“Palatino Linotype”]Luke 9:5
And whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off even the dust of your feet, for a testimony against them.[/size]

Whenever I leave a forum for good, the last thing I do is change my signature line to that.[/FONT]


I usually figure I’m done with a particular person when they cycle around and begin again, after having conceded several points already. My favorite one’s just start a new thread. It’s hard to at first because its hard to decide when someone is having difficulty with the concepts, or your not being clear enough, or the evidence is not black letter but more subtle. Eventually it seeps into your scull that the person is just being obtuse and has a completely different motive in mind. Logic when it is consistently ignored usually means the person is just using the particular issue for some hidden agenda.

Here its even harder, because you are generally talking to several at a time, and you are hoping to persuade the lurkers who don’t post, just read.



I’m not going to leave the forum - it’s not a religious forum. It’s a single thread in the forum’s ‘general’ section that the moderators there have said have at it. The group I am dealing with are what I would label as militant atheists (you can probably guess by now what their attitude is).

I’m am worried that it is a lose-lose situation. Whether I stay or leave it is going to cost me and others. :frowning:


Albino assassin monks? Really? I would have never have known if you hadn’t have let the cat out of the bag! This is great stuff. :smiley:


Better watch out—there may be some of those monks still around, and they take a dim view of such deeply-held Vatican secrets getting out.

If only he’d used the Da Vinci Code, as we’re all instructed in RCIA…


This monk would like to have a word with you.

And Sister Mary Repentia is not happy about it either.
Explore Black Knight


I find this harder in real life when you have a true relationship with someone. In forum-world, it doesn’t bother me because I realize that there are many people who come to places like this just to be professionally obnoxious. :stuck_out_tongue:

In real life, I try to never stop praying for anyone, even if I stop engaging them on conversion.



I think this was a test in patience and charity. Silly me, I had prayed that God exercise me in these virtues to help me grow in them. I guess I need to be more careful what I pray for. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I am done there. I have responded to all the criticism and obstinance as well as I could. (i.e., their claim that the Trinity was polytheistic and not even understanding what the Church actually taught). Anything more from them will just be obstinance and refusal to be corrected as to what the Church teaches (and that doesn’t even include whether they agree with it or not).

Anyway, I said goodbye to that thread.


:wave: Gee, I never knew that!


yep, works for me. :slight_smile:


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