When to sit durring communion?

When exactly are we supposed to sit down when the Eucharist is about to be distributed?


According to my priest, we are to kneel until it is time to receive communion, and we may stand when/if we wish to go up to the communion rail to receive. Once we have received communion and return to our pew, we are to kneel again and remain kneeling until the end of ablutions and the tabernacle has been closed again.

In my parish we kneel at the end of the Hosahana (sp?) and sit when the Priest sits following Communion.

In the Diocese of Calgary, kneel throughout the Consecration. Stand at the end for the memorial acclamation. Remain standing. Join the procession to receive Holy Communion if you are in a state of grace and worthily disposed to receive. Return to your pew and remain standing until the last person has received Holy Communion. Sit or kneel during Great Silence, which is from the end of the distribution of Holy Communion until the priest says, “Let us pray.”

At that point, stand for the Rite of Dismissal, and remain standing until the end of the recessional hymn. At this point it is appropriate to kneel and offer prayers of thanksgiving before exiting the Church.

In our Parish, we kneel until they go up to the front, then kneel again when they come back. I say “they” because I’m just beginning with my RCIA classes. I kneel until I have to get up to let others go by, then, when the row of people in my area are all returned, I kneel again and pray that I, too may recieve someday.

I hope I’m doing this right. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the way. Please advise if I’m doing this wrong.

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It sounds like you’re doing just fine. Welcome to the journey of a lifetime! :slight_smile:

Thank you

This is how it is done at my church also. I often attend other neighboring churches and theirs are the same.

One time I was visiting my college buddy who lived outside San Francisco. They did not kneel during that mass, but they did have kneelers. So I guess we were among the few.

I was right where you were not long ago. You are doing just fine! And congratulations on RCIA! It was the best decision I ever made, and I pray it will be for you as well! :smiley:

The Church has made a definite point not to regulate the posture of the assembly during the distribution of Holy Communion. After we recite the Domine, non sum dignus, we are free to stand and enter the procession line, kneel in prayer, or sit. After we return from receiving, we are free to stand and sing, kneel or sit until the priest says “Let us pray.”

I don’t think anything is expressly said in the General Instruction on the Roman Missal (GIRM) about it, but I usually wait until the Tabernacle is closed at the earliest… If I’m still praying, I’ll keep kneeling although everyone else has sat, but whatever it is, I’m always standing by the Postcommunions (unless they have a speech (which I really do not think should be given at that time…).

We do the same

Congratulations! Glad you are thinking of being received into the Church!

I like this priest.

In the United States you would not normally sit down prior to the Eucharist being distributed. If that’s where you live you should be kneeling or standing depending on the direction of the local bishop until it is time to receive communion. (This assumes you are able to kneel or stand.) Obviously if you are not receiving you may have to sit to allow others to pass by you.

After people return from communion they can sit, kneel, or stand depending on such things as what the common posture is supposed to be and whether or not they take a few minutes for private prayers.

The parish I have been attending does not have knealers. We stand throughout the whole communion.

PS. I’m starting RCIA as well, so I’m also in the pews praying for my day to go and take communion. It will come when the time is right.

There is no common posture prescribed. It is not ordinarily regulated. Priests do not have the authority to regulate posture here. As far as I can tell, it is within the competence of Episcopal Conferences to regulate posture, and assuming the OP is from Maryland, the USCCB has not done so; it is up to the individual to sit, kneel or stand as you see fit.

I would ask your parish priest, but to my knowledge, we are not instructed to sit between the Agnus Dei and the time we go forward for Holy Communion, and I assist at Mass in both the AD of Washington and the AD of Baltimore so we’re probably receiving the same instruction.

In Canada, the CCCB has in fact regulated the posture - we are to stand until the last person receives Holy Communion - so this really depends on the jurisdiction. If in doubt, ask your Bishop.

In Pennsylvania we kneel until the priest comes forward to distribute the holy Eucharist and when we return to our seats we kneel until the priest sits.

Very true. I misspoke in my quoted post, in fact I contradicted myself in the next sentences, and I have corrected the offending sentence.

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