When to start creating?


Hi, I’m Kaleb from Georgia, US. I’m currently in RCIA and growing well in my faith I think, thanks to all the prayers I have received that have helped in God giving me his actual grace. :slight_smile:

I am naturally a creative person. I have been writing stories for a large part of my life, and often feel internally bored if I am not creating something. As I have been becoming Catholic, I have been spending much of my time studying Church doctrine, the Bible, praying, etc., but I still desire to do something creative. But, with God and the Church being the most important things to me, even my favourite personal interest and enjoyment, I wish to do something creative to attempt to help people in their study, search for and discussions about Catholicism, through fiction. I have a story in mind, but I’ll leave that in mystery until I publish it. :stuck_out_tongue:

My question is: with me being in RCIA, not yet baptized, when would it be proper and appropriate for me to write creative fiction that would involve Catholic teachings and try to make points and teach things about Catholicism through fiction? Should I wait until I’m baptized, or would it be ok for me to do it now?


The advice I always hear given to writers is to write what you know. It sounds to me like what you know is about your evolving, deepening relationship with God and with the Church. So write!


Thanks for the help. :slight_smile: Oddly enough that is kind of what my story is about, someone converting to Catholicism, though in a bit more fantastical setting. Thanks again.



Er…Kaleb! Come! Come to the “Creative Writing Workshop!” (just click on the link in my signature). Short Story Writing threads are coming soon (when we effectively figure out how to upload our stories. Why doesn’t CAF allow .doc files? :().

Come! :smiley:


Hi again Kaleb,

I’ve started writing poetry again after many years away from it. Like you, I feel something creative stirring in my soul, and since I’m not an artist or a musician, I write about the beauty that surrounds me, my ever-evolving faith, and the nature of mysticism.

Writing can indeed be a vocation. The Lord knows that Thomas Merton struggled with it as a Trappist monk! If you want to read his thoughts on the matter, then I urge you to check out “Echoing Silence: Thomas Merton on the Vocation of Writing.”


You can insert Catholic teachings into fiction easily if you know how to make good use of metaphors. Though not all Catholics do this. Most just use an author avatar in their stories. I suggest you study ancient Christian symbology. To start you off on the right foot (which is the left foot):

Ancient symbols of Christ:

Ancient symbols of Mary:
Ark of the Covenant
Praying woman
Mother with child

Ancient symbols of the Church:
Praying woman
Flock of sheep


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