When to stop praying for something

I know we are to pray with perseverance… but what happens when you’ve been praying for something for sometime and it hasn’t happened. Is it wrong to just way “this just isn’t God’s Will”, and stop.

DeniseNY, I posted the same question before.


I still don’t know the answer. I posted the question 3 years ago. What I’m doing though, is I continue praying.

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fin, thank you for posting that link; I will read through all the posts.

I want to continue praying, but I feel very little hope right now for this situation.

God bless you!

Pray unceasingly, never give up. The power of prayer; it does work.

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Whenever I am discouraged that my prayers are not being heard I think of St. Monica. Stay strong in your believe in the power of prayer and wait on God’s timing to answer you,

The various forms of prayer consist of prayers of petition, repentance, worship ,contemplation. etc.

If you’ve been praying for a specific thing, this is a prayer of petition. You can stop as soon as you know it has been answered, and yes, “no” might be the answer.

It’s not the same as when St Paul wrote that we are to pray unceasingly, Here he’s speaking of interior prayer, or as we know it today as “contemplative prayer.”


Yes, it’s a prayer of petition. I know that sometimes God says “no”, but maybe he’s saying “not now”. I"m trying to find that answer in my mind, even though I know I can’t.

I do appreciate everyone’s responses.

Or God said yes and it’s coming to you, in God’s way and time. When it does, you’ll have no doubt it’s from God, for you’ll feel peace with it.

Merely trust in God and stay open to whatever comes into your life.


Thank you, Jim.

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