When to wear Scapular?

I was just wondering if a Scapular should be worn constantly or if it can be taken off during showers and swimming and things of that nature?

I’ve always taken it off in circumstances that would wreck it.

I started off taking mine off for showers and when I run. And I think that is reasonable. But after time, I did not want to remove it. I felt that something was missing…like when one forgets to wear their wedding ring (if married), watch (if accustomed to always wearing one), and etc. I am not comparing the scapular to jewelry, but that is how I felt… a certain uneasiness and feeling of incompleteness. I wear the five-fold scapular. But I found a brown one in my drawer made of wool, too. And since, I am invested in all of them; I decided to put that one on for running and showers. I run with it and then shower with it. Then I hang it to dry and I put on my five-fold. I also shower with the five-fold to clean it, on occasion. And it does not take long to dry. I take paper towels and press it then blow dry it and it is ready in just a few minutes. (The red tends to bleed, so it really needs to dry, so as not to stain your shirts). You can always buy a couple and rotate them if you want to shower with them. It is my understanding that if you are invested, the investment is with you and not the scapular, so you can replace it as needed without even needing to get it blessed.

My 10-year-old wears the brown (with St. Michael image). He noticed the brown hanging in my bathroom and asked me about it. I explained the above and he said he also did not like to remove his. He asked if we could get him an additional one to rotate, so that he would play, exercise, and shower with one and have another available to wear as the other dries.

Your commitment, promises (indulgences), and investment are carried by you (your soul) not the actual scapular. So whether you do one thing or the other, should not be of great concern…here is no right or wrong between the two choices. As long, as the continual wearing of it does not become like a superstitious hold. I would think it unhealthy to fear removing it and thinking you might die at that moment without it on and lose (promise, indulgence, etc. that is attached to the one that you wear) then that would not be good reason for continous wear.

P.S. I do not know if I would wear it to swim, myself. Mine fits rather loosely and I would think it would come off. And I am not sure about the chlorine and the damage that might cause.

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