When Trump sits down for dinner in Saudi Arabia, his favorite meal of steak and ketchup will be waiting

I think we can all agree this proves that Trump is a monster. Thank God for the courageous journalists willing to risk life and limb to publish these hard hitting critiques of El Presidente.


God bless President Trump!

I also like ketchup with my steak. But only Heinz, thank you very much.

Must be a really slow news day if that’s what they are writing about.:rolleyes:

Steak and ketchup?
Trump is a Murican.
So am I!

Ya’ll best be SMILIN’ when ya’ll say steak 'n ketchup! :slight_smile:

These reporters need some lessons in ‘Adulting’

He even eats like a small child -_-

So, only children like ketchup?

It also proves he’s a flip-flopper who forfeited his war against Radical Islamic terrorism since he’s doing the exact same thing Obama did. I’m certainly glad he won the war against Radical Islamic terrorism so we only have “regular” terrorism to worry about now.

Jealous? As president he can eat what he wants!

Wow, you got all of that from an article about steak and ketchup for Trump.

Not really. If he keeps eating like he’s an adolescent, we may get President Pence a lot sooner.

Of overcooked steak with ketchup? No. But, I mean, one doesn’t need to be president to ruin a perfectly good cut of meat like that. My nephew likes his steak like that too.


Liking ketchup with your steak is being an adolescent?

Food preference is a matter of individual taste.

Your studies of Culinary Canon Law are clearly gravely deficient. Ketchup is appropriate on a burger, but never on a steak. Such a combination renders the meal invalid. HP sauce is the only valid matter in this situation.

Any news on the ice cream situation?

Personally, I like good Bernaise sauce on my steak.

If the cut is really high quality, than it is sufficient as itself and without any adornment.

Poor cow. I often feel bad for the cow that had to die for a cook to not prepare it properly. Why would I want to spend to dollar for a steak, then kill it again. :eek:

Yes. Just some salt and pepper. And a dinner roll. And a baked potato.

Sorry, but in the U.S. people are free to eat their food as they choose, no matter how old they become. We have no Culinary Canon Law as you must have in Canada. :rolleyes:
'Merica, land of the free! :smiley:

Ketchup, horseradish, a dash of tabasco… A bowl of steamed shrimp…viva le tomato!

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