When unable to visit the Blessed Sacrament


I’m starting a new school year at university. Initially I was looking forward to it, because last year, I went to vespers a few times a week that took place at a nearby Catholic church. I love the Liturgy of the Hours, and it was put on by the Catholic group on campus. What I loved most about it was that we were praying before the Tabernacle, so it was for me a really special time to spend with the Lord. Sometimes I’d feel so tired (not physically, but spiritually or emotionally) and visiting Him would always help so much. it’s what I looked forward to the most.

Yesterday, I found out that this would no longer be possible as we got a new priest at the church, and he is concerned about security and such. I understand his concerns and I’m not criticizing his decision at all. We’ll still have Vespers, we’ll just use another place…

but I know that I’ll miss visiting Our Lord so much. I found out that the church has Adoration every Friday, which is awesome, but I have class during that time :frowning:

so it seems like the only time I’d be able to visit Jesus is on Sunday. During the week, the church will be closed except for morning Mass, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to get there for 8:15 am, cause I live far from the university, and I need to get rides to the bus stop but I don’t want to have to ask for rides so early.

to make this long story short lol…

what do you do when you really want to visit Our Lord but you’re unable to? what if you have the time, in the evenings, but the church is closed? Do you just stand there by the church on the steps wishing you were inside :smiley: haha… I actually know some Saints did that.

I’m not looking forward to this year at all now, cause I’m being faced with some difficulties at the moment, and the thing that helps me the most is spending some time with Our Lord… yesterday I wanted so much to go and visit Him, but I don’t have a way to do this. It’s like a type of spiritual martyrdom lol. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll still keep on praying anyways though, especially the Rosary :thumbsup: I’m glad we can pray anywhere! But I don’t know how I’ll make it through this year, cause I’m going through some trials and visiting the church brought me so much strength before. In fact, I don’t think I could have persevered in my conversion (to Catholicism) without it.

But what do you do in such situations? do you make an act of spiritual communion? …sometimes I wish I could just live in a church lol!


I see that you list a Dominican Saint at the bottom of your post. St Dominic was faced with your problem. He wanted to pray at night and the Church was locked. So He prayed at the door of the Church. He didn’t let a locked Church stand in his way of worshipping God.
I understand the desire to pray near the Blessed Sacrament, however you do know that Jesus said If two or three are gathered in His name that He would be there. Actually, when you pray by yourself, He is there.
I would encourage you to read about St Theresa of Avila or St John of the Cross. Learn how to move from beginning prayer into contemplative prayer. You don’t have be in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament to be in the presence of Jesus. He loves you with an everlasting love. Go to Him in prayer and tell Him how much you love Him. He will respond to you.


I also love to visit the Blessed Sacrament. My parish has perpetual Adoration which is just amazing, however, I can’t drive. And I live rather far(across town) and basically feel stranded sometimes. I have a friend that drives me sometimes and I found an online Adoration site, savior.org and will sometimes use that. But it does feel a little weird staring at a computer screen, even if it is a live feed.

I forgot if someone told me this or I read it somewhere, but sometimes, I’ll just say “Jesus I adore You in the nearest tabernacle” because I can’t physically be there. If I can’t get a ride to Adoration, I try to take some quiet time in my room and pray, read the Bible, etc.

Spending time in the Real Presence is great and there’s nothing that can replace it, but you also have to remember, God is everywhere. He’s not just in the Tabernacle, in church, but in your home, at school, in that little cafe down the street. Pray and ask God to reveal Himself in all you do. No matter where you pray, He’s listening.

Hopes this helps


Get a set of keys if you can dear Monica. If not stand outside the church and let the priest see you. He may accommodate you and give you keys eventually. I did that years ago. I sat in the bushes at night where I could faintly see the tabernacle. One night the priest came back and I popped out of the bushes to greet him. He got the shock of a life. I asked if I could make a visit and he let me in. I did this for a while but still got no keys. Then my SD told me of a church with a chapel open at night where I could make a visit. This was about 1995 when I was in another state, in Brisbane, Queensland. I have keys to my church now and love making visits at night. Pester our Lord and the priests until you can make your visit.

God bless you dear Monica




Try this website:

The Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration Association.

You may find a location close by with Adoration that meets your schedule.

I used this site to find all the locations of Adoration in my diocese. :slight_smile:

– Cadian :knight1:


I’m sorry – and no offense – but


Catholics are weird. :smiley:

Thank you for making me laugh on what’s proving to be a rather miserable week. :slight_smile:


At home, tune into EWTN. When traveling, EWTN radio.


My dear friend

No offense. I am weird:confused: I’m crazy too:D

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


There is also this site which has a live web-cam in a Perpetual Adoration Chapel. If you are housebound or just can’t get there, this is the next best thing.



If I want to be with Jesus, I put down what I’m doing and pray. I try my best to make my three o clock habit for the hour of Divine Mercy. I’ve gotten some wierd looks from stopping in the middle of the grocery aisle of Wal-Mart for prayer! but it makes me realize that God just isn’t in Church. He’s everywhere!



:: Laughs gently:: That sounds like something I would do.

A more practical thing: ask your guardian angel to make a visit to the church or chapel for you: I’ve done this on weekdays I couldn’t get to Mass because of work or illness, and on Sundays that I couldn’t make it to a Latin Mass.


this isn’t really the next best thing. It’s like praying in front of a picture. You actually need to be in the physical presence of Jesus. Not in front of a comptuer screen.



My dear friend

Some may disagree wih you but what you say is not just a pious thought to accomodate the lazy. If you can’t make a visit for a very genuine reason you can ask our Lord to consider it done and He will. It’s the same with our other spiritual exercises except the holy mass and the sacraments. We can ask that they be considered done if we tried hard but couldn’t get them all done. So there is no reason why we can’t ask our Guardian Angels to help us like this if necessary. I believe you can ask your Angel/s to make the visit as you say. Thanks for the advice.:thumbsup:

God bless you dear friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:



thanks everyone :slight_smile:


No, it is a LIVE camera, not a still shot. You can see the clock at the top of the screen tick over.

It has been declared by the Church that if you watch the Pope LIVE on TV, and he gives a blessing to the crowd, you have also received the blessing as though you were there and part of the local crowd, even though you watched it on TV half a world away. It is considered that you are there. It is the same with live streaming of the Eucharist. It is considered that you are there.

If you check out this page, and click on About Online Adoration they have more about it.

I agree that a still shot of the Eucharist is just a picture, but live atreaming is the next best thing to being there in person.


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