When was the last time that you


dropped a note or e-mail of appreciation to a priest or religious who has been helpful in your life?

Let a priest or religious know that you’re praying for them?

Dropped off a spur of the moment homemade sweetie or other token of appreciation?

Just wondering . . . these folks deserve all the encouragement we can give them! Oh yes, and seminarians, too!


I’ve got a good friend who’s a nun and I had her over for breakfast a couple of weeks ago. Does that count?


Thanks for the suggestion! It is a very good idea.


Of course it counts! What I was getting at was that, all too often our priests and religious and seminarians get very little in the way of positive feedback. The squeaky wheels make sure they get heard again and again. But, it seems to me, the good pastor, going about the Lord’s work in the vinyard gets precious few “attaboys” from his flock. He’s not there to get “attaboys”, but a few well placed thank yous can really help him get through tough times. Same can be said about religious and seminarians. This post was sparked by a truly touching note I received in response to one I sent to a priest last week thanking him for help he’d given me years ago.


This past weekend one of our priests celebrated his 80th birthday. He was standing in the back when the other priest announced it, and almost the entire congregation gave him a standing ovation. It was really quite moving even for us who were applauding him!


Bravo to him and bravi to the congregation for recognizing that milestone in his life and ministry. . . Pity that such recognition seems to come only on anniversaries and at the holiday season.


That’s funny. I just posted elsewhere about saying a daily prayer for those who’ve entered the religious life. I have a prayer card from a priest’s ordination. When I look at it, I pray for him - so new to his vocation - and for all priests. But your idea is an excellent one. Come holiday time, I always think of - but end up never fulfilling that plan of doing something for the clergy. Thanks for reminding us - just in time for holiday time ! :slight_smile:


I hate to respond to this question because I don’t want to sound boastful…but;)

I have a stack of thank you cards specifically for Pastors and Clergy. I always send them cards during the Holy Days and also for special occasions such as Anniversaries or, if I know it, their birthdays. I will send one if a homily was particularly stirring. I send a card to the Archbishop at least twice a year just to say thanks!

I really do love our priests in this city. They feel like family.

Oh - and don’t forget email!:thumbsup:


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